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Enalee (a.k.a. ward 98) is a division or ward of Gobras City, in Gobrassanya, located to the southeast region of the city southeast of downtown. It is comprised of multiple neighborhoods. The ward is a located in the capitol highlands to the southeast of the city center in the low rolling hills just east of the Prado Plains. The ward is bordered by the East Capitol Tollway along its western and northern edge, To the south it shares a boundary with Therran and Sun Trees (in the vicinity of Lhasa Ranch Parkway. It shares its eastern boundary mostly with Soran along the A-2 freeway and industrial areas, as well as Live Oak east of Enalee's Dwee Sen neighborhood.

Enalee is located along the Bosco River which separates Enalee into two main portions, north and south. To the south and west of the river the land use is typically comprised of low-rise single family dwellings and sprawling neighborhoods to the north, most development is high-rise residential and commercial.

There are numerous parks and parkways in Enalee as well and more are being developed to have better green space especially due to the high density neighborhoods in the area.


  • Barr-Lampart
  • Brand Bridge
  • Denyerin Park
  • Dwee Sen
  • Enalee Center
  • Enalee Corporate Center
  • Enalee Industrial District 1
  • Enalee Industrial District 2
  • Enalee North
  • Enalee Park
  • Enalee South
  • Enalee West
  • Enalee Woods
  • Gosling Farms
  • Hoa Kee (in development)
  • Kranji
  • Metro Center
  • Orchid Park (in development)
  • Riverchase
  • Rivers Edge
  • Southriver
  • South Towne
  • Streight Farms
  • Sunbird Tower
  • Tollway Park (undeveloped)
  • Tollway Park South (undeveloped)
  • Universal Village

Economy and Statistics


Enalee is the most densely populated district in Gobras City with nearly 6000 residents per kilometer in its most dense urbanized areas. Current population estimates for the ward are 41,000 residents as of 2015.

Neighborhood Development

Enalee was originally conceived as a high density residential development and the core neighborhood of Enalee Center was created. mostly with high-rise residential and core commercial near the main Enalee Metro station. Development happened quickly and Enalee quickly became one of Gobras City's fastest growing neighborhoods. The neighborhoods south of the river soon were developed providing high end residential neighborhoods in a quiet setting. As population soared new developments came. The core commercial office park was developed east of Enalee Center along with the industrial areas causing the economy and population to continue growing. Additional residential high rises were built in the center and new neighborhoods were developed such as Kranji with its single family homes fetching prices in the mid Ð600's and up. The Metro Center was built hosting Enalee's first convention center and a second shopping district. Sunbird Tower was soon proposed and built. along with the new Dwee Sen and Barr-Lampart neighborhoods. Enalee West also started to grow. Upon the completion the Sunbird Tower became the tallest building in Gobrassanya at 115 stories tall. Additional developments are planned for the district. To the north... Enalee North, Orchid Park, and Hoa Kee; and to the southeast... Universal Village, Enalee South and Southriver are being planned and developed.



Enalee is served by the Southeast Freeway "A 2" and by the East Capitol Tollway "ECT". Principal Roads traveling through Enalee are:

  • Lamong Road "National Route 220"
  • Sutarasa Avenue "District Route CD 116"
  • Pease Road
  • Tully Road

Other Major thoroghfares include Enalee Main Street and Enalee Center Road which serve as the wards main streets, Live Oak Blvd, Therran Road. Enalee South Drive, Metro Center Blvd, Dwee Sen Road, and Barr-Lampart Blvd.


The ward is located along RT Metro "Line 5" RT-Metro Line 5 (Dark Blue) with stations at West Enalee, Metro Center, Enalee and Therran Road. Enalee also has its own light rail system connecting several neighborhoods. The North Loop line connects Tramonton Park station and West Enalee to the northern neighborhoods of Enalee. The South Loop serves the residential neighborhoods southwest of the river, as well as South Enalee connecting them to Enalee Center. and the central line which connects Metro Center, Enalee Center, the industrial, and Pease Road.


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Landmarks and Attractions