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5, -31.354, 11.602
Workers' Republic of Engden
Arbetarrepubliken Eŋrige
"All makt från folket"
All power from the people
Enade vi stå
and largest city
Official languagesEngsch
 • National languagesEngsch
GovernmentUnitary Constitutional Workers' Republic
 • Man of the PeopleHildiŋ Smed
 • Peoples' RepresentativeGöran Persson
LegislaturePeoples' Thing (Folkets tiŋ)
 • Total573,550 km2
 • Per capita$37,840
HDI (2013)0.840
very high
TimezonePMT (+0)
CurrencyEngdenian daler (END)
Drives on theright
Internet TLD.en, .eŋ

Engden (Eŋrige) is a country located in western Antarephia. The capital of Engden is Göteholm, located on the northern coast.

Administrative subdivisions

Engden is subdivided into 12 districts called län, each with its own regional assembly called länstiŋ. The Länstiŋ are responsible for health care, regional road infrastructure, regional public transit, regional planning, and similar tasks. Each län is further subdivided into municipalities or sammen.

Map of län in Engden.
Code Postal number Calling code Name Capital
GL, G-län 01-xxxx 01-x xx xx xx Göteholms län Göteholm
TL, T-län 02-xxxx 02-x xx xx xx Granboda-Tjärnåbyl län Tjärnåbyl
KL, K-län 03-xxxx 03-x xx xx xx Köpings län Västerköping
ÅL, Å-län 04-xxxx 04-x xx xx xx Åmarks län Skefteå
BL, B-län 05-xxxx 05-x xx xx xx Bergviks län Bergvik
VL, V-län 06-xxxx 06-x xx xx xx Västerlän Fjällträsk
CL, C-län 07-xxxx 07-x xx xx xx Centrallän Uppborg
ÖL, Ö-län 08-xxxx 08-x xx xx xx Österlän Österköping
NL, N-län 09-xxxx 09-x xx xx xx Nersalas län Nersala
ML, M-län 10-xxxx 010-xx xx xx Ödemarkens län Avliden
SL, S-län 11-xxxx 011-xx xx xx Södermarkens län Södermalm
HL, H-län 12-xxxx 012-xx xx xx Gränslän Harstena


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Engden has a vast road network, comprised mostly of ordinary two-lane roads, at least 9 meters wide on the numbered national road network. Roads are divided into five different levels, and numbered thereafter, see table below.

Number range Road level Authority/Owner Minimum road width Number signed?
1-9 Extreme importance Väg- och vattenverket 9 meter Yes
10-99 National Väg- och vattenverket 9 meter Yes
100-999 Regional Länstiŋet 7 meter Yes
1000+ Local Samliŋstiŋet None No
10000+ Other roads Semiprivate None No

Limited-access roads are called motorväg (motorway) or motortrafikled (expressway), with expressways not requiring lane separation making them essentially half motorways. Motorways and expressways are always signed explicitly as such, to clearly differentiate them from regular roads or motorway-like roads which usually allow slow traffic.


The people of Engden enjoy great political freedom, and there are currently 8 different parties represented in the Folkets Tiŋ, representing a broad spectrum of views, from socalists to libertarians. The legislative body, the Folkets Tiŋ, has 299 seats and is unicameral. It is located in the capital, Göteholm. Elections are held every 3 years, on both national, regional and local level. The regional level is governed by each Länstiŋ, and the number of seats are in proportion to the population of the län. The same applies to the local Sammen in which the assembly is called the Samliŋstiŋ. For winning seats in the Folkets Tiŋ, there is a 3 % threshold, and for the Länstiŋ the threshold is at 2 %. Local assemblies have no threshold.

The various parties' alignment shown on a political compass.
Current party representation in the Peoples' Thing
Party Leader Ideology Alignment Seats Votes
F Folkets parti (Peoples' Party) Peoples' Representative Göran Persson Social democracy Centre-Left 98 32.5 %
EF Eŋriges folkparti (People's Party of Engden) Jan Karlund National socioconservatism Centre 66 22.0 %
FP Frihetspartiet (Freedom Party) Åke Lennartsson Libertarianism Right 45 14.8 %
FF Folkfronten (People's Front) Iŋa Kommi Socialism Left 25 8.2 %
B Bondeförbundet (Farmers' League) Maŋnus Hööh Agrarianism Centre 23 7.5 %
MP Miljöpartiet (Green Party) Gunnar Slag Environmentalism Centre-Left 16 5.1 %
L Liberalerna (The Liberals) Björk Svanström Liberalism Centre-Right 15 4.7 %
TR Traditionella partiet (Traditional Party) Jörgen Lund Christian democracy Centre-Right 11 3.5 %
Total 299 98.3 %


Engden uses a modified Latin alphabet, removing the letters q and z, while adding the letters ŋ, å, ä, and ö.

Letter Name
A a /ɑː/
B b /beː/
C c /seː/
D d /deː/
E e /eː/
F f /ɛf/
G g /ɡeː/
H h /hoː/
I i /i/
J j /jiː/
K k /kʰoː/
L l /ɛl/
M m /ɛm/
N n /ɛn/
Ŋ ŋ /ŋ/
O o /uː/
P p /pʰeː/
R r /ær/
S s /ɛs/
T t /tʰeː/
U u /ʉː/
V v /veː/
W w /ˈdɵbːəlˈveː/
X x /ɛkʰs/
Y y /yː/
Å å /oː/
Ä ä /ɛː/
Ö ö /øː/