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Eraede (also known as Eraede Special City, formerly Kishimawa) is the second oldest city behind Remiville and former capital city of Belphenia. It is the capital of the Belphenian prefecture of Meredy and the county seat of Eraede County. Located in the extreme northern part of the Plains of Starryhaven, Eraede is the 8th most populous city in Belphenia and the most populous city in Meredy. The city is also known for its yearly event known as the Hearts Festival.


Eraede was founded as a hamlet and capital city of Belphenia by samurai Elena Heartfilia on March 21, 1538.

Contemporary history

On January 12th, 2015, as a result of sudden economic changes in Northwest Belphenia, Eraede, Zedrich, and Relle withdrew from Kairawiel Prefecture and Eraede became the capital of Meredy Prefecture. While Zedrich and Relle joined the new prefecture, the Belphenian government withdraws Hairannor from Icebarrow Prefecture to Meredy Prefecture due to Hairannor's failing road infrastructure and underperforming in governmental road projects, which led to the Workers' Party of Belphenia forced the Mountain Watchdogs guild to resurface 670 miles of asphalt in the Hairannor area in a job request mission.