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Ernesto Cruz y Lopez was born 1802 in Jugalis southeast of Gentofte. His father was worker at the ranch of Ramos Vejo nearby. The rancher saw the talent of Ernesto and later he payed the education and the studies of the boy at the university of Gentofte. His dream was to be an ingeneer.

1821 - after the Battle of Topahappan - he worked for the government as geometer for the new provinces. Later the Du Bois family made able, that he can see on a "tour de horizon" cities like Cordoba, Latina, Aaby, Elegantia, Khaiwoon and towns at the coast of southern Uletha. 1825 he come back to Gentofte with a lot of new ideas.

There lay many imagins of progress in the air like better drinking water, water cleaning, better road connections, traffic on iron rails, gas lightning, less dense urbanisation, parks for the people, place for industry. Since 1826 working for the town he first made a scheme for waste water cleaning.

1829 he worked out the general urbanisizing plan for the town - looking wide in the future. His idea was railways not only for distance travel between town and town, but too for inside the town. Therefore he lay his avenidas with a broad stripe in the middle - first for a row of trees, but later with a railway-line between this trees. The first of this lines then run 1834 via the Avenida Latina and the Gamle Ring (now streetcar-line # 4) and was so seen the first railway in Gentofte and on the other hand the first streetcar in whole Latina.

Then many projects of progress are realisized under his supervision. 1841 all houses have a connection to clear and fesh water. Since 1852 Ernesto Cruz y Lopez was in Latina at the ministerio del infrastructure, to give ideas for new rails and roads and to plan the infrastructure in the whole country. One of his typical gimmics are the small places like 17, -13.41933, 39.75607 or 17, -13.11379, 42.16302 to give some fixpoints in the grid of the streets.

1868 he retired. He then lived again in Gentofte and wrote some books about the interesting time of civil devellopement in the 19th century. Ernesto Cruz y Lopez was married 1831 til her death 1876 with Wencke Grønendahl. Both have three children. He died 1878 in Gentofte, two years after his wife.

Ernesto Cruz y Lopez gives the name for the important Architecture Prize from the universities in Freedemia, Latina and Wiwaxia.