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Erza Beatrice Beard (Nihonish: ビアード・エルザ ベアトリス = Biādo Eruza Beatorisu, born September 11th, 1988) is the Prime Minister of Belphenia. Beard is also the Third Guild Master of the Thistle Pegasus Guild and sister of Reiko Beard.

In Belphenia, the Prime Minister is referred to as Prime Minister Erza Beard or Erza Beard, Prime Minister of Belphenia.

Early life

Erza Beard was born in Catherina, New Eriwynne to her parents Lucy and Nathaniel Beard, and was raised in The Knights of the Endless Wind religion. Her older sister, Reiko Beard was born in Diamond Moon, Sakura.

Prime Minister of Belphenia

Battle of Shirahoshi

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Rogolnika tour

On March 28, 2015, Erza traveled with her sister Reiko Beard to Rogolnika and met Nikolas Mitragany. Since April 7, 2015, she and the Belphenian government gradually deployed 130,000 Belphenian workers to Rogolnika to help the Rogolnikan government build housing for people affected by floods and landslides in an effort to reduce homelessness in Rogolnikan cities.

Response to the 2015 Volkman protests

On May 19, 2015, Prime Minister Erza Beard was briefed by members of the Belphenian government about the 2015 Volkman protests regarding Charles Volkman and earthquakes followed by a volcanic eruption rocked southeastern Belphenia. On May 20, she addressed the nation denouncing Charles Volkman as a "provocative and deceptive agent of Sasuke Volkman and must be bought to justice for his actions", and declares the actions of Lily Volkman were "the right way to do and chose to walk on the narrow road to the truth, which it is the best of the theocracy". She also condemned the 1857 Burning of the Vienna in Drevet as well, basically calling the ship burning "disrespectful and unloving". Following her address, for the first time, her sister and First Leader Reiko Beard addressed the nation in a live television broadcast explaining that the Volkman regime violated the "golden rules" of loving Belphenia and condemned the regime and Sasuke Volkman's involvement in the killing of Miyake Toshiro during the Battle of Seralia Island (1939-41).