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Map of Estancia County within Sierra.png

Estancia County is a county in the F.S. state of Sierra. Estancia County is located in the east of the state and is the largest in terms of area at over 21375 km². The county seat is La Rue, and it has a population of 41,200. Estancia County is the seventh least-populous and second-least densely populated county in the state.

The county seat is La Rue, located in the southeast. Guerrero and San Daniel are also important cities in the county.


Estancia county is located next to Andaguani and Sanchez counties (north), Serrano and Meseta counties (west) and Brenton and Elgin counties (south). It borders the state of Apawiland to the east.

Various state and nationally-protected natural areas are located in the county, included the entirety of Eastern Sierras National Park.


I-103 at San Daniel

There are three key cities in the state:

  • La Rue, county seat and most populous city (10,600)
  • Guerrero (8700): mostly in the county aside from part of the airport and Pinto Lake (Sanchez County)
  • San Daniel (6250)

Other small communities can be found throughout the county, many of them high-altitude mining towns, such as Hayworth.


Most of the county's economy is centered around farming or mining. The Join Forces Proving Ground Las Truchas military facility (next to La Rue) is one of the key employers in the state, as is the CMS tank factory. In San Danial, the Montana brewery is the main employer.


The county has several state, intrastate and county routes. FS-60 also traverses the county, in the central and southern portions.

Route Length
CR-1 (Estancia).svg Andaguani Co. limit - San Daniel - Elgin Co. limit 134.8 km
CR-2 (Estancia).svg Guerrero (S-10) - I-103 (north of San Daniel) 98.6 km
CR-3 (Estancia).svg I-103 - Cont. CR-2 (Elgin Co.) 49.4 km
CR-4 (Estancia).svg Cont. CR-4 (Meseta Co.) - La Rue 141.2 km
CR-5 (Estancia).svg Concurrent with S-10 65.9 km
CR-7 (Estancia).svg FS-60 - CR-9 - CR-4 30.1 km
CR-8 (Estancia).svg Cont. Yunica Road (Meseta Co.) - CR-7 43.7 km
CR-9 (Estancia).svg CR-8 - CR-7 - I-103 (San Daniel) 96.9 km
CR-10 (Estancia).svg CR-2 - I-103 - Eastern Sierras Nat'l Park 75.9 km
CR-14 (Estancia).svg Cont. CR-2 (Andaguani Co.) - Guerrero (S-10) 2.3 km
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