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7, -53.3, 135.2
Republic of Esteli
La República de Esteli
""El Horizonte Austral""
Por La Fuerza

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CapitalSantos de Escocia
Largest citySantos de Escocia
Official languagesIngerish, Castellanese
GovernmentConstitutional Republic
 • PresidentErick Gutierrez
 • Vice PresidentCarol Dumont
 • Total22,176.07 km2
 • Estimate (2014)3,470,000
 • Density168/km2
GDP (PPP)2017
 • Total$139 billion
 • Per capita$37,300
HDI (2017)0.870
very high
CurrencyLares (EST)
Drives on theright

The Island Republic of Esteli (La República de Esteli) is a group of islands located off the far south of the continent of Archanta. The nation is located just over 200 kilometres off South-East coast of Neo Delta. Its capital and by far largest city is Santos de Escocia, whose metropolitan area includes nearly half the country's population, while other major metropolitan areas with more than 100,000 inhabitants include (in descending order by size of population): San José, San Sebastián, and San Patricio.


The physical and economic geography of Esteli is quite unique. Despite having no land borders and being relatively isolated from continental Archanta, Esteli has been a major player in trade and development in the region.

In terms of physical geography, the nation is made up of two main islands, and several smaller islands. The northern island, Agostina Island, is the most populous and urbanized, and is home to the capital city of Santos de Escocia. Ander Island is the other major island and much more wild and sparse, with tourism and outdoor activities, one of the leading industries. There are several outlying islands, stretching as far as 200 km off the mainland of the Isla Norte. The farthest outlying island is Las Algas, which is a mere 2 km in size and is home to a handful of researchers and a national coast guard base.


The Esteli House of Representatives, is a component of the Government of Esteli. The House of Representatives chamber is located in the Central Block of the government buildings in Santos de Escocia.

The House of Representatives is a democratically elected body whose members are known as Representatives (RP's).


Esteli has the 39th largest economy as measured by GDP in the world, and counts itself as a developed nation with a high GDP per capita and HDI score. The country is a member of the World Trade Organization, and is a highly liberalized economy with large international trade flows and a high degree of economic freedom. Esteli is a member of ONGEC (Organization of Natural Gas Exporting Countries), a gas cartel, though this membership is often a matter of political debate domestically.

Following several decades of fast paced GDP growth, in recent years growth has slowed as the country has become a developed economy, though has also become more stable. In 2015 GDP in real terms rose by 2.8%, and in 2016 by 2.6%. GDP in 2017 is forecast to grow by 3.1% largely because of buoyed global gas prices, of which Esteli has ample reserves and extraction facilities.

In the fiscal year 2015-2016 for which the most recent figures are available, the Estelian Government posted a $253 million deficit, a decline from $302 million in 2014-2015. Sovereign debt as a percentage of GDP is 42%, and has remained stable for over a decade. The Estelian Government’s credit score was upgraded from BBB to A in 2012 as a result of fiscal prudence and declining structural deficits.


Rank Name Region Population Transit Higher Education
1 Santos de Escocia Agostina Island 1.7 Million Metro, Tram, Bus Universidad Metropolitano, Instituto Nacional de Tecnologia, Colegio San Luis
2 San José Ander Island 560,000 Light Rail, Bus Queen of the South University
3 San Sebastián Agostina Island 350,000 Tram, Bus San Sebastián University
4 San Patricio Ander Island 240,000 Tram, Bus Colegio Las Condes
5 Descanso Agostina Island 95,000 Tram, Bus La Salem University
6 La Brisa- Providencia- Nuestra Señora del Rosario Ander Island 74,000 Bus

Emergency Services

Esteli has a reputation for having some of the most advanced medical care in Archanta. State-of-the-art multi complex hospitals and long term care facilities are located in Santos de Escocia, San José, San Patricio, San Sebastián, and Puerto Alejandro Malaspina.

Esteli is renowned for having one of the world's leading coast guard programs, Armada de Zona Marítima (CAZM). With headquarters in Las Algas and Puerto Alejandro Malaspina, the CAZM has a large fleet of workers and volunteers.



Esteli is served by the Santos de Escocia International Airport in the capital city. The airport is located approx. 10 km north of the city centre. The airport is the hub for national flag carrier, Aerolíneas Austral and well as many smaller domestic operations.

Domestic Operations (Aerolíneas Austral)

  • Santos de Escocia Internacional - San Patricio
  • Santos de Escocia Internacional - Puerto Alejandro Malaspina
  • Santos de Escocia Internacional - Puerto de la Odisea
  • Puerto Alejandro Malaspina- Puerto de la Odisea

The airline has announced plans to expand its route list and is looking at the possibility of international flights to Neo Delta, Inretsk, Ismikk, Zylanda, Rots, and Khaiwoon.

Sport & Culture

The two national sports of Esteli are Ice Hockey and Football (Soccer), both of which have great support from the Estelian population.

Ice hockey in Esteli

Esteli is known for it's passion for Ice Hockey. The Esteli national ice hockey team represents the country in international competitions. Esteli is also home to one of Archanta's premier ice hockey leagues, the Estelian Ice Hockey League. The sport's popularity has significantly grown over the past years. Below the professional EIHL, there exists a network of competitive amateur leagues, collectively known as the Esteli Amateur Ice Hockey League. These leagues are known for their development of hockey prospects.

Football in Esteli

Alongside Ice Hockey, Football is a very popular sport in Esteli. The top professional league, and league of highest attendance in Esteli is the Estelian First Division Football League.


Esteli is home to one major league expansion franchise. Santos Leones are a fully professional club operating out of Santos de Escocia.

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