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7, -47.029, 46.7056
Dominion of Esterlon
Dominion de Esterlon
FlagCoat of arms
FlagCoat of arms
"Unity, Justice and Freedom
Unité, justice et liberté"
God defend Esterlon (National)
God Save the King (Royal)
and largest city
Official languagesIngerish
Franquese(Ingerish and Franquese are bolth official languages on the Federal level)
 • Regional languagesFranquese(Spoken in Northern Victoria and Saint-Pierre)
Ethnic Groups60% Ingerish
20% Franquese
GovernmentFederal parliamentary constitutional monarchy
 • MonarchGeoffrey VII
 • Governor-GeneralJean Bougerois
 • Prime MinisterWilliam Gordon
 • Upper houseSenate
 • Lower houseHouse of Commons
CurrencyEsterlonian Pound (E£)
Drives on theright
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Esterlon, officially known as the Dominion of Esterlon is a federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy in southwest Antarephia. The Country made up of 6 provinces the country is located on the southern coast of Antarephia. The largest & capital city, Huntington is located on the south side of the country. Its a major port city and trade hub for all of Antarephia Esterlon is a member of the Ingerish Commonwealth. the Antarephian Alliance and the Assembly of Nations. Norfolk and Jamestown are the 2nd and 3rd largest cities, respectively.

The modern Esterlon is a dominion within the Ingerish Commonwealth, having become a fully-independent sovereign nation on 15 May 1868. It is governed as parliamentary constitutional monarchy, with the Crown represented by a resident governor-general.


Colony of Esterlon

The Colony of Esterlon was founded on August 5th, 1698 when settlers from Ingerland sailed to what is now Esterlon. The Ingerish continued to expand the colony. The city of Kingstown is known as the first city inside the colony. Huntington, another Port City was becoming large and soon morphed into the capital of the colony. In 1868 Esterlon was merged with the former Beaumontan colony Saint-Pierre. Dominion of Esterlon and Saint-Pierre

Colony of Saint-Pierre

The Colony of Saint-Pierre

Dominion of Esterlon & Home Rule

In 1868 the Colony of Esterlon and the Colony of Saint-Pierre merged to become the Dominion of Esterlon and Saint-Pierre, this country lasted until the outbreak of the civil war. In 1968 the government designed a new flag and coat of arms to celebrate 100 years since confederation. The tricolor was made the official flag of Esterlon and the coat of arms added representation to the Franquese and the Natives to the shield.

Flag of the Dominion of Esterlon:

Civil War and Independence of Saint-Pierre

On June 8th, 1968 the Parliament of the Province of Saint-Pierre declared independence from the Dominion of Esterson, which at the time was not fully independent from Ingerland. This act was then followed by a Declaration of War from the Parliaments of Ingerland and Esterlon. This began the Esterlonian Civil War. The newly established Saint-Pierrais Republic or the République de Saint-Pierrais started as a constitutional republic but turned into a one party dictatorship.

Reunification, Commonwealth and the Modern Era

Administrative Divisions

Name Code Capital Flag Population Province Created/Joined Notes
Almada AL Fremont TBD TBD 1940 Most of the province is apart of York Mountains National Park
Victoria VA Norfolk TBD TBD 1940
District of Huntington DH Huntington TBD TBD 1979 Houses the capital. Huntington City, Created out of Colsex
Saint-Pierre SP Deux-Riveres TBD TBD 1985 Franquese is a recongnized and widely spoken language in this province.


Esterlon is ruled by 4 major political parties. Communist Party, The Left, The Right, and United Esterlon. Currently, United Esterlon is the largest and the ruling party of Esterlon with Will Gordon, the Prime Minister being apart of that party.

Capitol Building located in Downtown Huntington.