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8, 36.91696, 103.43628
"From the forests to the sea."
CapitalErilyn City
Largest cityErilyn City
Official languagesIngerish, Franquese
 • Regional languagesCastellanese
GovernmentFederal Parliamentary Republic
 • Prime MinsterSarya Quivaris
 • Upper houseNone
 • Lower houseHouse of Commons
 • Total65743.01 km2
25382.52 sq mi
HDI (2016)Steady 0.892
very high
TimezoneWUT +7
CurrencyEsthyra Dollar (E$) (ETD)

Esthyra (Ingerish pronounciation: /esθaɪra/) is a democratic republic in eastern Uletha. It is one of the most natural countries in the world, with an enormous amount of forest.


Although the first inhabitants can be dated back to around 2000 B.C., the land which Esthyra situated on was rarely populated. Colonizers had attempted to colonize the land, however most of the colonists were either intoxicated by local people or disappeared in groups. For Ingerish colonists, Esthyra was a no-go land.

Although there was always a flow of migration between neighbour Midistland and Esthyra, the biggest wave took place in the early 19th century, when almost all indigenous people from a village called Paglobeclaca (In nowadays Rugenia, Midistland) migrated to the Santa Clara deltas, which was later named Abralona. A self-governing government was set up quickly and the Reino de Paglobeclaca was founded. In 1806, due to the Eshein Chaos (In which Queen Angela of Eshein set King Whotch's Palace in Tengah on fire, burning most of the city), more Midistlandese took refuge and settled in the southwest (Today Lake Town and Breassau del Alto) started another country called Free State of Breassau. In 1824 the exploration of the rest of the land had begun, however, none of the exploration team had returned.

In 1846, the Paglobeclacan government decided to hire an Ingerish research team to explore the land east of the Santa-Genoveva River despite public objection. In return, the Ingerish team was allowed to bring people, mostly pirates and out-laws, and settle along the newly-explored Erilyn Bay and the lower part of Erilyn River, today the region of Erilyn. However, with no Ingerish contact over time, their ties with Ingerland eventually faded. Piracy within the region concentrated in the coastal ports. In 1862, some Ataraxian settled in the upper part of Erilyn River, today the region of Callemagne. There was some local conflicts, but there was no war. In 1876, the Free State of Breassau was dissolved, with the lower part annexed by Midistland. The rest joined Paglobeclaca. Erilyn and Callemagne were shortly founded as self-governing states.

The two eastern part, Erilyn and Callemagne, decided to formally union to defend themselves against increasing foreign hostility at that time. This plan was also heavily supported by the Government of Paglobeclaca despite some dissent from the population, thus the Treaty of Esthyra was signed in Abralona in July 1, 1892, founding the country. Today, the treaty's authority is still being challenged by Paglobeclacan sovereigntists, as it did not go through a popular vote.

In the beginning of the 20th Century, Ataraxia decided to annex the Haut-Var region, causing more Ataraxians to take refuge in Callemagne, where Ingerish people sparsely settled in. Esthyra's population further diversified. In 1912, to deal with the global economic depression, the government held a referendum to move the capital to Erilyn City in order to artificially boost the economy. The relocation project started in 1913 and ended in 1923.

Esthyrans had never experienced war, although they rescue war refugees very often.


  • Around 2000 BC: The first inhabitants settled along the Erilyn River and the Santa Clara River.
  • 333: Within almost no time, Great Axian Empire annexed the land where Esthyra situated on nowadays.
  • 798: Great Axian Empire dissolved.
  • 852: Elbella Tilyra, a small handbook recording plants on the land, was written and shared among the inhabitants.
  • 1074: Nearly half of the population emigrated to Midistland.
  • 1507: Karolia tried to colonize the land, failed: All colonists went back empty-handed with all cargo robbed by locals.
  • 1642: Ingerland tried to colonize the land, failed: All colonists intoxicated by locals when attempting to sign a peace agreement. Survivors brought back Elbella Tilyra.
  • 1658: A team of curious adventurers from Ingerland decided to come to Esthyra to independently investigate the cause of the death of government-hired colonists.
  • 1659: The locals allowed the adventurer team to settle along the Erilyn River, with the condition of not getting the Ingerish government involved.
  • 1681: Pushed by Castellanese-speaking population, the Ingerish and Gaerman minorities of Breassau, Midistland decided to settle along the eastern end of the Atacoma lake.
  • 1802: Paglobeclacan people in Rugenia decided to migrate back to the Santa Clara delta.
  • 1862: Some Ataraxian people settled in the upper part of Erilyn River, today Callemagne.
  • 1892: Treaty of Esthyra was signed.
  • 1913: Relocation of capital started.
  • 1915: The Annexation of Haut-Var happened in Ataraxia. Some refugees were settled in Callemagne.
  • 1923: Relocation of capital ended. The capital city was changed from Abralona to Erilyn City.
  • 1940: Esthyra rescued refugees after Belphenia's dictator, Sasuke Volkman, came into power. They were mostly resettled in Erilyn City.


Election happens once every 4 years. Esthyra has no upper house (Senate). Its lower house is officially called The Parliament (Castellanese: El Parlamento, Franquese: Le Parlement).

Esthyra uses a mixed electoral system where proportional representation is used in cities and first-past-the-post is used in the countryside.

The Prime Minister is the PM Candidate of the party that gained the majority in the Parliament.


Parliament Structure as of 2016.
  Green Party: 51 seats
  Conservatives: 12 seats
  Partido Paglobeclaca: 9 seats
  Liberals: 20 seats
  Meme Party: 3 seats
  Independent: 5 seats

Foreign Relations

While Esthyra conducted two rescue missions (In Ataraxia and Belphenia), the country is considered neutral. Today, Esthyra is represented in multiple international organizations.

Esthyra has embassies in the following countries:

The following countries have embassies in Erilyn City:

Administrative Division

Region Area (km²) Cities / Counties Area (km²) Postal Code Capital
Erilyn 15060.8 Erilyn City 2566.36 E1A~E3Z n/a
Twin Capes County 6241.90 E4A~E4Z Cape Dorchester
Midland County 3022.46 E5A~E5Z Syndham
Ellen County 3571.19 E6A~E6Z Ellenville
Callemagne 14469.22 Ville d'Oshary 2831.18 C1A~C1Z n/a
Cantons de la Haut-Pays 3048.47 C2A~C2Z Haut-Pays
Cantons de Souvoix 3293.57 C3A~C3Z tbd
Cantons de la Trois-Frontières 5296.00 C4A~C4Z Marieville
Paglobeclaca 9177.86 Ciudad de Abralona tbd P1A~P2Z n/a
Condado de Breassau-Dupot tbd P3A~P4Z Breassau del Alto
Condado del Este tbd P5A~P6Z Roselia


Esthyra has a diversified economy, with the main export being farming produces, and other major exports including lumber and fisheries. Esthyra is the home of some of the world's biggest companies, like KaspenRails.

Esthyra is one of the earliest countries that adopted internet services. Today, the Esthyran IT industry is one of the fastest-growing in the world. The Hackington neighbourhood of Erilyn City is considered the Silicon Valley of eastern Uletha.


Esthyran 1 dollar note.

Esthyra uses Esthyran Dollars (ET$ or E$) as the national currency. It is currently the only currency that has each banknotes barcoded in order to track money flow. Coins with value of E$0.05, 0.1, 0.25, 0.5, 1 as well as notes with value of E$1, 5, 10, 20, 50 are issued.

There are plans to implement a national digital version of the currency as well as adding chips into coins.


Public transport

AngelCard, a multi-use non-rechargeable magnetic card, is used throughout the country. The reverse side of the card shows all trips recorded through the card.

All railways are operated by KaspenRails, Esthyra's own multinational railway company. Except for Erilyn City which has metro and tram systems, as well as the Twin Capes County with its unique 800mm narrow gauge railway, buses are used in towns and cities throughout the country. All transport authorities uses the same fare system established by the National Transit Fare Council (NTFC.ET).

Trains are the most popular way to travel between towns, as government subsidies and the unified fare system keep them cheap. Highway buses are only used when there is no train available.

AngelCard, a multi-use non-rechargeable magnetic card, is currently the most used fare media. While AngelCard+, a rechargeable IC card, is also available, most people prefer using AngelCard for its collectibility and its feature on controlling the personal budget, as well as privacy.


Start Via End
 A1  JCT Midistland  A9  near Abralona Dupot Lagoon, Lake Town, Oshary Tri-Border Point in Callemagne
 A2  JCT Midistland  A80  near Breassau Lake Town, Erilyn City Erilyn Border Crossing (Continue as Garzibania Route 1)
 A3  Port of Erilyn (JCT  A2 ) Oshary  ???, Cantons de Souvoix, Callemagne
  1   Abralona Border Crossing near Abralona (JCT  A1 ) Cape Dorchester Downtown Erilyn City (JCT   3  )
  2   Downtown Abralona (JCT   4     10  ) Lake Town, Oshary Garzibania Border near Oshary-Est (JCT   5  )
  3   Downtown Erilyn City (JCT   1  ) Erilyn River, Oshary Carpathia Border
  4   Breassau del Alto, Paglobeclaca  ??? Tri-Border Point near Marieville, Callemagne
  5   Uletha Boulevard Lights, Erilyn City, Erilyn (JCT  A1    1  ) Along Garzibania border  ???, Cantons de la Trois-Frontières, Callemagne
  10   Abralona (El Carmen) Half-Loop around Abralona Abralona (Isla de Santa Clara)
  13   Le Haut-Pays, Callemagne Syndham, Twin Capes Garzibania border near Greenboro
  16   Cape Blackpool, Twin Capes County, Erilyn South Blackpool Near Syndham (JCT   25  )
  24   Grandara, Paglobeclaca Breassau del Alto, Paglobeclaca
  25   Dupot Lagoon, Paglobeclaca Artelion Near Berryton, Erilyn (JCT   5     51  )
  42   South Oshary (JCT  A3 ) Near Notre-Dame-sur-l'Ange, Callemagne
  51   Near Berryton, Erilyn (JCT   5     25  ) Oshary Oshary-Est, Callemagne



Fixed line service is operated by Telyra. Mobile phone services are operated by Telyra, ATANT and ?????. Esthyra has the T-code of +310. When calling from abroad, the first 0 is ignored. The main prefix of a region (excluding the first 0) also makes up the prefix of the postal code.

Currently, some mobile numbers can also be registered under landline prefixes.

First 3 digits Use Note
001 Erilyn City West Westshore north of the Uletha Boulevard, with some exceptions.
002 Erilyn City East + Greenboro Eastshore north of the Uletha Boulevard, with some exceptions.
003 012 Erilyn City South South of the Uletha Boulevard. Excluding Greenboro.
005 Abralona Santa Marta Delta
006 Abralona suburbs Mainland areas, excluding the islands.
007 Oshary West West of the Erilyn River ~ Oshary Lake ~ Rivière de l'Ange.
008 Oshary East East of the 007 area.
010 Government of Esthyra
012 003, 016 Twin Capes County
013 016, 017 Midland County
015 017 Ellen County
018 022 Condado de Breassau-Dupot
021 026 Cantons du Souvoix
021 Cantons de la Trois-Frontières
022 017, 026 Cantons de la Haut-Pays
023 006, 016 Condado del Este
051, 053, 055 Telyra Mobile
052, 054, 056 ATANT Mobile
057, 058, 059 Reserved for a third operator
080, 088 Free dial
082, 083 TeleDirect
099 International Access Code
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