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As previously featured on Drabantia/Rules of international cooperation. Thanks for the template.

Diplomatic relations
Building an Esthyran embassy in your country
Just do it! Please notify me though. Do notice that Esthyra also uses EUOIA embassies.
Building an embassy of your country in Esthyra
Message me and I will allow you to build it.
Common historical events
Esthyra has a plan on what history to include. In fact, we've been slightly referencing Canada on our history, so we'll ask if we need common historical events.
Cultural, academical, or economical alliance
We love alliances, but please ask me. Note that Esthyra is already EUOIA'd.
Military alliance
Esthyra is already EUOIA'd. Also it's quite neutral.
Adding Esthyran participants to competitions
Please notify me. Be moderate, Esthyra is neither particularly strong nor particularly weak. I reserve my right to veto.
Trade and transport
Adding Erilyn International Airport as your airline's destination
No permission is needed. Just edit the page.
Adding shipping lines and ferries
Ports in Esthyra are not so mapped... Ask me first.
Expanding businesses to Esthyra and vice versa
Don't let your dreams be dreams! Esthyra had cooperated with Vehikar, TM2, Tolvatech and Rember Software, so the next can be you! Message me and your company might get a piece of land to build your regional headquarter or/and factory.

Esthyran Businesses you can use

  • Forteno: A supermarket chain.
  • Telyra: The national telecom company.

Mapping in Esthyra

As mappers, we all know that it's quite impossible to fill an entire country with quality mapping without like 10 years or so... As I often have real life matters intruding in my schedule, hereby I would invite certain mappers to map in Esthyra. Message me.

  • Non-territory owners have priority, though territory owners can still apply.
  • Esthyra is near-equally divided in 3 parts, where they speak Ingerish, Franquese and Castellanese, respectively. Due to its proximity with Midistland, a rural Gaerman minority in the southwest can be considered, should the need arises.
  • All urban areas (cities) are already set and should not be moved/added, which means most of the area should be rural.
  • No motorways. Trunk routes should be minimal.
  • In pursuant to CC-BY-SA-NC 3.0, contributors will be credited where it's due.