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Evelyne Du Bois, born 16.4.1967 in Du Bois, is the daughter of Guilleaume (IV) Du Bois, Senator of Latina and granddaughter of Guilleaume (III) Du Bois, from 1963 til 1975 president of the republic of Latina. Since her childhood in the focus of newspaper and TV like a sort of pet for the political work of father and grandfather als "reponse" in the age of 13 she sunk in a sump of drugs and sex.

The family then sheltered her with the help of Eirini Du Bois and some years no one hear or see from her - she was in Cascande by good friends of the family. Beginning with the age of 19 she work as journalist for several newspapers in Khaiwoon and reported worldwide. She then travelled all over the world (with the financial backgrond of her family) and get some status in the world of medias because her ironic and sarcastic texts. But now she were no more an unsure child, but a lady with style and analytic sense.

Most of her time since 1990 she lives in Khaiwoon in a house at Oktogon Hill or in Stanton (Federal States) in the center of Bronzeville. Since 2006 she is back in Latina, living in Mar y Flora, Province Sierra Levante. Here she was elected 2009 as Mayor of the town. So with her connections in the backgrond of friends, politic, family and medias she was then elected to represent in the board of Sibling Cities of the World for the interests of the cities in Latina.

Evelyne Du Bois is not and was never married. She has had some hot liaisions, but in this question she don't care, what is written in the newspapers.

She published in latinian, ingerish and khaiwooneese. Her important books are

  • 1989: "Did we know, what Commonian people do?" - a reportage about the unknown northern Archantia
  • 1993: "All lines ridden" - a reportage about the metro-systems worldwide and her urban importance
  • 1995: "Pissing at the wall" - her often discussed pamphlet against "grafitties"
  • 2001: "The rape of the aesthetic" - Le Corbusier and his simplifieres in architecture
  • 2010: "Why take we only, what we can carry away?" - this zitate of Trevellyan in his history of Ingerland titled a book over the unchainded practice of the great credit-institutes
  • 2012: "Black and blue days" (in latinian "nerazul") - her autobiography published at her 45th birthday
  • 2016: "The shady side" - life of poors in great cities with the focus on Latina (Ciudad), Khaiwoon and Stanton.