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The 1992 World's Fair, also known as Expo '92, was a global exhibition hosted in Aspera, Kanitario, FSA from May 5th to October 22nd, 1992.

The Bid

Bids for Expo '92 were supposed to be submitted by 1987. However, a late-game bid by Aspera was accepted on September 3, 1988, as only two other cities were in the running - [A] and [B].

The winner was announced on July 1, 1989. Aspera won the bid by a narrow margin, with [B] in second place. The Expo was set to take place from May to October 1992.


Given the narrow three-year margin, the government wasted no time on the Expo and associated necessary projects.

Acquiring land was perhaps the easiest part. The Docklands on downtown's east side, and much of the railyards and industry along the water had been reduced to rubble during the 1987 earthquake and associated flooding. The core of the Expo would be built in the Docklands, where the pavilions and main facilites would be located. However, Expo-related redevelopment would stretch along the city's waterfront to Alliance Street.

The Docklands, now known as Expo City, were razed and terraformed. The Lakeview Expressway remnants were bulldozed. Necessary infrastructure projects were completed first, with the Garrison Valley Expressway (now renamed the Expo Parkway) extended via Exposition Avenue onto the site. The ATC began work on brand new Line 5, with two stations - South Fort Park and Expo - being located within walking distance to the grounds. Regardless, Exporail, an automated people mover system, was constructed.

Pavilions were built on most of Expo City.

The most important addition to the city for Expo, however, was the Great Lakes Tower. Built as a landmark, like other cities around the world have done for Expos, it would also serve the purpose of being a transmission tower for the new city. The tower, standing at 642 meters, was the tallest freestanding structure in the world from 1992 to [?]. It has since become the icon of Aspera itself.

The Expo

On May 5, 1992, the mayor of Aspera, governor of Kanitario and president of the Federal States cut the ribbon to Expo City. Some 100,000 people attended opening day, with millions more watching open ceremonies on TV around the world.

Over the course of the expo, nearly 7 million people visited the city and the Expo.

The theme of Expo '92 was "Creating a Brand New City" with a focus on modern technology related to making cities more efficient. There were five sub-themes - Transportation, Public Works, Security, Entertainment, and Communications.


Expo 1992 wrapped up on October 22, 1992. The impact it had on Aspera was undoubtedly massive. It provided large economic benefits for the months of the Expo. The city had a new landmark, several new stadiums, new parks, and more. Immediately following the Expo, the city saw the population start to rise. Corporations saw opportunity in the growing city and established offices. As a result, developers pounced on the area, constructing large office blocks and apartment/condo towers. This only continued the cycle.

Immigrants began to flock to the city from around the world, having seen the potential. This resulted in the city's primary heavy industry/manufacturing-based economy gradually shift over to a diversified economy based on finance, media, communications, services, and technology, among other things.

Today, Aspera is an emerging global city. Expo '92 put it on the map.