FC Juniores Sur

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The most famous football-club in the country of Latina. The club was founded 1898 and was all the time a workers-club. This team wins the national championship 16 time. Famous is the team around Fabio Megontes, the keeper in his grey pullover, which win this trophy 1937 til 1944 8 time without gap. With him played Emilio Sanchez, Gerd Hobelgrund, Geraldo Genarro, Desmond Fredoles, Bernardo "the rat" Vitalo and other. 1967 the team win the international championship.

The last saeson the team finished with the second place in the first national football league (see Latina (Football). The stadium lays since 1911 in the Barrio # 8 - Barrio Sur 16, -13.5259, 39.6664 as a neighbor of the FC Athletico in the same barrio.