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FC Säntjana Losse are a men's professional football team located in Säntjana, the capital of Karolia. They play in the Liiga 1, the highest division in the country.


Säntjana Losse was founded in 1894. The early teams tended to meet at the Losseplats ('Castle Ground') and so the team was named after this.


Losse have qualified for the Archanta Champions' League in 2014-15.


Losse play at the Raantastadion, which was built as part of Karolia's hosting of the International Games in 1992. The pitch is contained within a running track.


Losse play in red and black, which over the years has usually taken the form of horizontal stripes. Currently the home kit is red and black stripes with black shorts, the away kit all black and the third kit green. The current sponsor is Air Karolia.

Current Squad



Säntjana Losse are generally referred to as 'Losse' by the public, but are officially nicknamed 'Jeneraalid' (The Generals) due to the fact that their red and black colours were worn by Karolian soldiers at the time of the club's founding.

Rivalry with Säntjana Linna FC

Losse have a long-running rivalry with the other dominant club in Säntjana, Linna. The two teams both vie for the top places in the national leagues and competitions and derby matches are often exciting events which draw capacity crowds. Linna have won twelve matches more than Losse, but lost more times at home.

One ironic fact not lost on Losse fans is that Linna adopted a modified version of the city seal as their logo, which contains a castle.