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FFRA 10- Franklinsburgh's PWN Station
FFRA's news logo
TypeLocal television station
IndustryNews agency
 Television and Radio Broadcasting
FoundedJanuary 16, 1953 (as radio)
FounderCynthia Freeman-Harris
HeadquartersFranklinsburgh, Freedemia
Area Served Quentinsburgh Metropolitan Area, FreedemianFlag1.png Freedemia
ProductsBroadcasting, radio, web, social media
Production OutputTelevision
 Online and social media

FFRA 10 is Franklinsburgh, Freedemia's local Progress World Network television and radio station, primarily television. The station was originally founded as a PWN radio station, but began broadcasting television in 1958. It is now the second biggest and second most popular local Progress World Network station in the world, after Quentinsburgh's FQTN 13. The local news studio in Downtown is home to local news and weather newscasts and the country's second newsdesk for nationwide and world news programs like PWNightlyNews.