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The family of Du Bois has its great influence in Latina til today. Three members of the family were president of the republice, today (2014) four members are in the senate of the state, under them Guilleaume Du Bios (the older), who was president from 1963 to 1975.

Principality of the Du Bois family

The Du Bois Pincipality

Flag of the family

1536 Guilleaume Du Bios - a french speaking adventurer - created in Guimbras his own power, independent from the colony of Latina. He did not landed at the shore of Latina, but out of the eyes of the colony south of Alderon at the coast in the northwest of the Latinian peninsula and so he come from northwest along the rivers and over the watershed through 600 km area of indiogern tribes in that at this time undevelloped Guimbras. It is told, that Femme des Oiseaux in the first time was at his side to lead him in the better land of Guimbras instead to stay in the djungle south of Alderon. The truth of this saga is uncertain.

In first time not better as with 12 wigwams in a forest near the Guimbras river he rise his influence over several tribes of indigene people and settlers - in the same manner as 30 years before him Eduardo Grimoualdini in the eastern part of the land. With their interesses in the same direction, there ever was a close cooperation between the Du Bois and the Grimoualdinis. So at several times they married another.

His son Pierre Du Bios (1533 - 1604) was the first, who carry (1587) the title "Baron". Pierre Du Bois founded 1571 the town of Du Bois and married 1556 a daugter of the Grimoualdinis, the 15 years old Eleonora. The colony accepted his pricipality with an document 1592. Pierres son George died before him and 1604 both grandsons are the new souvereigns.

But only for 2 years. Then they divited the posession - Guilleaume takes the older part (named "Vejo Guimbras" - today Du Bois town and the cantone Vejo Guimbras) of the area and Phillipe take the newer western part and widened his reach, now called "Nuovo Guimbras" (today the cantones Alto and Bajo Guimbras of the province Guimbras). Phillips grandsons George and Phillipe divided 1649 then "Nuevo Guimbras" in "Alto" and "Bajo" Guimbras and take power over the valley of the Rio Verde (now northern part of the province Bisonte). This new conquered valley they diveded in two part, from which the lower part was a dependance of "alto" Guimbras (which means "high").

George of "Alto Guimbras" 1650 married Nita-palaka, an indigen princess. The others of the family were not anmused and talk about, to take away the land from him. But he so consolidated his power with the indigene people too against the other branches of the family. His and his son Alexandres part "Alto Guimbras" of the principality was in two pieces in the north and southeast of the other parts of the pricipality, hold by the other branches of the family.

After french use only men could be souvereigns. Phillip of "Bajo Guimbras" died without son and his daughter Dorothee had married 1676 George (II) of "Vejo Guimbras". Then the greater part of the principality was since 1684 in one hand again, "Bajo Guimbras" and "Vejo Guimbras" were hold of George (II), the son of Antoine of "Vejo Guimbras".

As Georges son Alexandre (from "Alto Guimbras") died 1708, his married daugters gets nothing of the land of "Alto Guimbras" - it goes to the hand of Louis of "Vejo and Bajo Guimbras" - now again the only souvereign of Guimbras in toto. But he was the last, who was in his first years the lord of the land without the covetusness of the colony of Latina.

Family treee of the Du Bois

A province of the colony

In this years the eyes of the Du Bois was the set at the end of the Grimoualdini-dynasty in 1727. Louis Du Bois - since 1708 again overlord of all Du Bois settlements - won some little fights in the frontier-area, but was still in a defensive situation. His son Frederic was more and more under pression of the powers of the colony.

To avoid a war with the Du Bois settlement, the colony tries an other solution. Then 1766 the colony of Latina offerts some attractive conditions, to join the pricipality under the protective cover of the colony. The clan says "yes" and Frederic Du Bois was set in as gouverneur of the new province and the Du Bois hold their privat posessions.

The name of the new Province was "Guimbras" to avoid the name of the family Du Bois. Grosso mondo the Principality Du Bois now after the reform of the boundaries of provinces is the province of Guimbras and the northern part of the province Bisonte (here the cantones Rio Verde Alto and Bajo and Santa Galiena).

Now the Du Bois are not only the lords of Guimbras. Step by step they fasten together a net of relations over the whole colony with the help of the political party of the liberals. Most time til today one of the Du Bois was the head of this party. Frederics son Jean was the next gouverneut of the province til 1808. Jeans son Antoine was not set in in this position, because he was in unclear manner involved in the short-living republic of Gentofte 1803. The establishment do not forget.

Were the Du Bois before a power for the colony, now they go over to the side for the independence. Antoine and his cousins throw her money and her men at the side of the revolutionaires and Antoine was one of the leader in the battle of Saguset in 1818. There he was wounded and died 1829 after long illness. So the family set her expect on the brothers Jerome and Frederic, grandsons of Jean Du Bois. After the unification of the both now independent colonies of Latina and New Holland Jerome Du Bois - 34 years old and fighting at the battle of Dos Gatos for the republic - were elected to the first president of the new republic.

The Republic of Latina

President Jerome Du Bois

His leading position in the war of independence qualifizied him as a favorite for the presidential election. A coalition of conservatives and liberals with 85 % of mandats in the cortes makes him 1824 to the first president, now 34 years old. But after short time his autocratic and hotspuring style provocated resistance and 1826 the cortes choose Tery O'Brian from the conservatives as president and set the rule, that the president must be 40 years old to avoid "youthfullness thoughtlessness".

After fully 12 years of O'Brians presidentaly he get a new chance. 1838, now 48 years old, the liberals had the power to set him again at the chair of the first man in the state. But a new election was not possible - in the Liberal Party too between there was the sorrow, that the Du Bois had too much power in the republic. So Charles Fernandez was elected for the next 8 years.

Jerome Du Bios was as consolation elected for the Senat of Latina 1842. Here he worked til his dead 1867.

President Charles Du Bois

Born 1825 he was the nephew of Jerome Du Bois. After the expensiv politic of Ole Pedersens Welfare-party the dead of this president 1877 was the signal for the conservatives and liberales, to roll back some social agreement and to make more "capitalistic" policy again. For this reason the presitentity of Charles Du Bois from 1877 to 1889 was a time of social discussion and strikes. Some month before the ending of his 12 years as president the question of the 10 hours work at day gets the main social question and in May 1889 a general stike frooze the industry of the land. He set the army aginst the workers, so at the "bloody sunday" 829 workers were dead in Latina, 609 in Porto Colon, 412 in Cordoba, 221 in Du Bois and 509 at other places. The cortes and the senate then named Gianni Vongole als first president of the socialists as president and the "10-hours-bill" (60 hours a week) came throught.

Charles Du Bois retired as privatier and waited two years for election in the senate, but the new regime has no meaning for this. Then 1891 he was killed by the anarchist Gernot Machenbart.

President Guilleaume Du Bois

The grandgrandson of Charles Du Bois, born 1921, was the third and til now last president of the family after a gap of three generations. He leaded the land and with his brother Charles as the right hand his party from 1963 to 1975 through a time of economic prosperity.

The Cortes

Always in leading position of the Liberal Party one of the family .....

The Senate

....... text .........

Now in the senate are from the family

  • Guilleaume Du Bois, born 1921, president 12 years from 1963 til 1975 and now 93 years old, since 1975
  • Charles Du Bois, his brother, born 1929, the leader of the Liberals the long years from 1963 til 1999, since 1999
  • Guilleaume Du Bois, son of the older Guilleaume, born 1944, leader of the party 1999 til 2008, since 2008
  • Frederic Du Bois, son of Charles, born 1958, a lawyer of high repute, since 2011

The next from the family, who has a chance for the senate, is Eirini Du Bois. Not for the Liberal Party as the others in the family, but for the Party Verde (the "greens"). Evelyne Du Bois, daughter of Guilleaume Du Bois the younger, is the mayor of the city Mar y Flora and in the board of the Organisation Sibling Cities of the World.


The family Du Bois is sure the richest in the republic of Latina and it is said, one of the richest in Tarephia. The exact amount of the properity is not known, because the privilege to pay no taxes was one of the points in the arrangement of 1766 with the colony of Latina at the end of the pricipality and this privileg is still in use til today. Since 1824 the republic of Latina today has no meaning, to change it. Some presidents had to try to cancel this privilege (Ole Pedersen 1860, Gianni Vongole 1901, Lubomir Maly 1921 and Carlos Sapenas 1932), but in front of the court of the constitution the family could defend this possion.

So only pay pesonal taxes this members of the family, which not live on the ground of the family domain in Du Bois. But the Du Bois "talk not over money, they have it." It is said, that in the cellar of the Old Palace (Palacio Senior) in a tresor always lay 10.000.000 Latina Pound cash "for all cases". This sage has provocated a lot of burglars - but the result is only a lot of years in the jail for them.

Her richdom is not only land and woods, but too in the industry they play a leading role.

Clear is, that the family give in the year roundabout 95.000.000 Latina Pound (LL) to country, province and town and for other social reasons. In the year 2014 this was 97.280.000 LL. A lot of money flow to the supporting of sport and for sport in schools. Further they support librairies, musicans and painters. Investigations had upcleared, that this payments are roundabout the payment, the family had to pay as taxes. But they do it not by law, but as in the time of the gone principality with the golden hand.

In 1897 a part of the private domaine was given to the town of Du Bois as a gift for further urbanisation - now it is suburb # 12 (Norte).

In the old town of Latina (Cidudad) the family has a greater house in 79, Calle Banco - see 18, -13.50549, 39.63601