Federal Motorway 11 in Arlington

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Federal Motorway 11 (FS-11) is a major motorway, running along the East Coast of the Federal States from Astrantia to Laine. In Arlington, FS-11 runs diagonally across the middle of the state from Adensville at the Boscainifornio border to (town) at the Laine border. From south to north, the route passes through or near the cities of Marlington Valley, (city names). The route goes through a mostly rural area. There are two auxiliary routes for FS-11 in Arlington, FS-311, a completed spur into Marlington Valley and FS-511, an uncompleted spur into San Vegas.

Route Description

Federal Motorway 11 enters Arlington at the Boscainifornio line just north of Adensville. Travelling mostly east from the border, the road encounters FS-311 which heads up into Marlington Valley. After passing through the city of Middlesex, FS 11 continues to Arlington City in which it bypasses it with Business Route 11 running into the center of the town. After passing through the towns of Richmond and Warrenstown, FS 11 follows the Sutton River. Right before crossing, FS 511 is encountered, which leads to San Arlo and Calma Beach. The Sutton River is then crossed by a tunnel. After passing Lake Mariposa and Havenville, FS 11 crosses into Laine.



Auxillary Routes

Route City Type Notes
Federal Motorway 311 Marlington Valley Spur Tolled
Federal Motorway 511 San Vegas and Calma Beach Spur

Exit List

County Location Exit Destinations Notes
Marlington Little Scandmark FS-11 South - Yorksey B.C. Continuation into Boscainifornio
Marlington Little Scandmark 1 AR 24 - Little Scandmark, Adensville B.C. Signed as "last exit before toll" on southbound lanes
Marlington Little Scandmark 2 AR 26 - Little Scandmark
Marlington 3 AR 29
Marlington 4 FS-311 north - Marlington Valley
Marlington Middlesex 5 AR 52 - Middlesex
Marlington 6 AR 44 - Meadeville
Marlington Newberg 7 AR 40 - Newberg Only can exit by northbound traffic
Marlington Newberg 8 AR 40 - Newberg
Meade Meadeville 9 AR 58 / AR 59 - Meadeville
Meade Meadeville 10 AR 70 - E Meadeville
Meade 11 AR 71 - Oswego Primary connector for Oswego and the southern section of FS-9 from FS-11
Meade Arlington City 12 Bus FS 11 - Arlington City NB connector to the town of Arlington City, not marked on SB lanes
Meade Arlington City 13 AR 82 / AR 87 - Arlington City / Little Settlement
Meade Arlington City 14 Bus FS 11 - Arlington City SB connector to the town of Arlington City, not marked on NB lanes
Credle 15 AR 88 - Arlington City / Pernnon
Credle Warrenstown 16 AR 105 - Warrenstown
Sutton Richmond 17 AR 91 - Pernnon / Richmond