Federal States Phone Plan

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The Federal States Phone Plan is the national telephone numbering plan for the Flag of the FSA.svg Federal States

National Numbering Plan

Each state or territory has a two-digit code, which is equal to its administrative id.

The national trunk prefix is 1. An interstate calls therefore start with 1, followed by the state id and the individual subscriber number.

The subscriber number starts with a digit between 2 and 9. Subscriber numbers are of varying lengths.

Numbers starting with 0 are special numbers. For instance 011 are the emergency services, and 00 is the international access code.

State Codes

International Access

The default international access code to the Federal States is +611. The national trunk prefix 1 is ommitted for international calls. The state code follows directly after the +611.

To call internationally from the Federal states, 00 is the international prefix.

Local Variations

States are free to choose a different internal numbering scheme as long as the national plan applies for interstate calls.

The following states have adopted a local numbering scheme:

State Local numbering plan
Minnonigan Flag.png Minnonigan Minnonigan Plan
Oakhillflag.png Oakhill 1 - Service, 2 - State Gov', 3,4 - Gilbertville, 5,6 - Fort Gumryn, 7 - Orlando, 8,9 - Oxlake
My State My Fancy Numbering Plan