Federation of International Handball

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Federation of International Handball
Alternate Name(s):
Federation of national associations headquartered in MauretiaFlag.svg Mauretia
General Information
Year Founded 1934
Number of Members 5+
President David Rehmann
Vice-president Cecilia Rojas

The Federation of International Handball (FIH) is the administrative and controlling body for international team handball and has 5 national member federations. The headquarters of FIH is located on the Via Dalarge in Mauretia's largest city, Iola. The organisation was first created as a

List of members

  • Balam utz flag.png Balam-Utz - Federacion Balamkun de Balonmano (FBB)
  • 2band slovech.png Belgravia - Federação Belgrávia de Handebol (FBH)
  • FlagBelphenia.png Belphenia - Belphenia Handball Council (BHC)
  • Flag itc1.png Cariocas - Federação Carioca de Handebol (FCH)
  • Cascande-flag.png Cascande - Cascande Handball Association (CHA)
  • Flag of Castellan.png Castellán - Federación Castellanesa de Balonmano (FCB)
  • Drabantia flag.png Drabantia - Drabantský svaz házené (DSH)
  • Latflag.png Latina - Confederation nacional de handball de Latina (CNHL)
  • Drapeaulorredion.png Lorredion - Fédération Lorredienne de Handball (FLH)
  • MauretiaFlag.svg Mauretia - Federaṭios Maureti Idibollu (FMI)
  • Flag-of-Delta.PNG Neo Delta - Neo Delta Handball Federation (NDHF)
  • Tircambry-national-flag.png Tircambry - Cymdeithas Pêl-law Tircambry (CPT)
  • FLAGZYL.png Zylanda - Zyland Handball Tosoomholt (ZHT)


World National championships


Further information: Handball at the Summer Geolympics

World Club Championship

Title holders




The IHF issues awards to organisations and individuals in recognition of their particular contribution to developing the sport of handball and the IHF.

These awards are: