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13, 43.3618, 129.9854
FlagCoat of arms
FlagCoat of arms
 • StateKeswerg
 • CountyFyordberayk
 • MayorOlga Fallfing
 • Census (2016)109,000
Firen Fjord

Firen (Eshen:Fyrren) is the capital city of the Eshen state of Keswerg And it is the 6th largest city in Eshein. In addition of being the capital of Keswerg, is also the capital city of the Keswegish krayk of Fyordberayk. Firen is the home of approximately 200,000 people and it is the smallest city in a Eshein to have a mass transit transportation. The first settlement in the Firen area goes back to the Mergan era But the first incorporated city records are from the New Colsexish era, around 1690. After the formation of the "New Colsex treaty" in 1772 , Most of the Gaerman inhabitants of the city were forced to leave it and re-settled in a new town on the other side of the strait, near Strard (Old New Tyrrin) that was called "New Firen" (Nuefirren) (What would later become the New Tyrrin borough of "Noy Fyrren").

Angela Bridge in the Firen marina
Angela Bridge in 1991


Firen Underground
Native nameFyrren O̊ntergrund
OwnerKingdom of Eshein
Area servedFiren
Number of lines1
Number of stations12 (13th under constructions)
Daily ridership13,590
Annual ridership4,960,700
HeadquartersFiren, Fyordberayk, Keswerg, Eshein (Map)
Network Map


All tickets (except O̊TÖ tickets) may be purchased at ticket machines at every station.

  • 120min ticket: €2
  • 24h ticket: €3
  • 30 days ticket: €20
  • 30 days reloadable pre-loaded O̊TÖ ticket: €12
  • Metro+Bus ticket: €2.5

List of stations

Official Map from
  • Stadyumm (Stadium)
  • Friskstræt (Frisk Street)
  • Elsa Osswald/RTW
  • Totfæld
  • N.Hafen/RTW
  • N.Hafen/Edmond Osswald
  • Zyg Tor Platz/Sentral Statyon (Square of Victory Gate/Central Station)
  • Staatret (State Council)
  • Parken unt Unyversitad (Parks and University)
  • Bolde unt Frayplatz ('Bolde unt Fray' Square)
  • Lindenpark (Linden Park)
  • Kraykret unt Hygerikgt (Krayk Council and High Court)
  • *Roilie (under constructions)*

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Noytyrrinflag.png Noy Tyrrin
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