Flags of Aorangëa

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Aorangëa Flag

The flag is dominated by a white area which is shaped like the lower left part of the letter A representing the country's name. On the diagonal part of the A is a blue line. The green-white-blue tricolore on the right represents the colours of Anglesbury, the largestnation of the country. On the left is a black triangle and three decorative green stars.

When the flag is in the canton, the tricolore colours are changed. On white, yellow or green background, nothing is changed. On blue background, the order is reversed, to have green in the centre corner. On any other background, the upper third is replaced by background color, to reduce the number of colours.

Aorangëa Geolympic Flag

The triangle on the left can be adapted if appropriate. One situation where this is used are the Geolympic Games where Aorangëa uses a flag where the triangle shows the Geolympic Rings on a white background.

For naval use the flags of Aorangëa, Naora, Elleah and Rainbow's End replace blue or green with red for visibility. This also applies to East Anglesbury. Redbeard's Island does nor enhance the vissibility for naval use due to their pirate tradition.


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