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Commenced operations1998
Secondary hubsMinneuka International Airport, Andreapolis International Airport, Huntington Regional Airport
Focus citiesStanton (Fiorino Intl), Jundah, Atkinsville
Frequent-flyer programSmartMiles
Company sloganThe Smarter Way to Fly!
Traded asSMAR
HeadquartersWallawaukee, Seneppi
Dennison, Sierra (Federal States)
Operating incomeIncrease
Formed by the merger of FlyWest and Southern Swan Airways

Flysmart is an airline based out of the Federal States. FlySmart was founded in 1998 with the merger of Southern Swan Airways and Western Airlines, operating as a budget airline to compete with SkyRide Airlines. FlySmart has been a member of the WorldStar Alliance since being founded. FlySmart is based out of both Dennison International Airport in Dennison, Sierra and Wallawaukee Foley-Fillmore International Airport in Wallawaukee, Seneppi with additional secondary hubs in Minneuka, Mennowa; Andreapolis, Alormen; and Huntington Regional Airport, Huntington, allowing it to operate affordable flights across the Federal States. The airline also flies a number of international routes across Southern Archanta, with flights to Ambrosia and Ardencia through Wallawaukee and flights to the Ardisphere, Mecyna, Randalia, and the Commonwealth of Central Archanta through Dennison.

FlySmart ExpansionMap.png


A Western jet in 1975
History of FlySmart and predecessor logos

flySmart was founded in 1998 from the merger of Southern Swan and Western Airlines. Western was founded in 1965, based out of Dennison, Sierra, and Southern Swan in 1962, based out of Wallawaukee.


In 1970, the Stanton-based firm of Knowles and Hudson gave the company a modern, elegant look, ad branding, redesigned logo and its famous "checkmark" logo. Castellanese fashion designer Sergio Bidarte designed a special collection for the air hostesses, to help the airline have a more modern and elegant look. The airline moved to a more upmarket travel experience in this period, with full dining services, lunch buffet, on-board films and the largest planes, for cross-country travel, included a bar and lounge from 1976.

Southern Swan

Southern Swan was created in 1962 as a Wallawaukee-based airline serving the southern Federal States. Initially, Southern Swan acted as a connection that helped Wallawaukee compete with friendly rival Lake City, MN, and the airline thrived as a quality airline connecting Wallawaukee and other southern cities to each other and to major cities in the east. However, the 1980s and 1990s proved a very difficult period for Southern Swan, as rising fuel and operating costs, together with aggressively expanding domestic rivals forced lots of cuts and route changes.


The two airlines were formally merged in December of 1998, with the intent to form a budget airline to offer low-cost service. The first flight took off from Dennison to Wallawaukee on 22 December after a livery presentation, but regular service did not commence until the spring of 1999. All aircraft were given the Western checkmark as a common logo in green, with most of the fleet using a green "FLYSMART" text as well on varying blue or green liveries of the former airlines. By mid-2000, a new unique livery with a "FʟʏSᴍᴀʀᴛ" logo and the checkmark in blue was introduced.

Primary Hubs

Dennison International Airport, Dennison, Sierra

flySmart operates out of Terminal 2 (the old Western terminal) at Dennison International, used by Western from 1974.

Foley-Fillmore International Airport, Wallawaukee metro, Seneppi

flySmart operates out of Terminal D at Foley-Fillmore International as the primary southwest FSA hub for the airline, including ticketing and all gates (except international flights, which fly out of Terminal A). flySmart's Wallawaukee operations were originally primarily out of the smaller Wallawaukee Vernon International Airport home to other low-cost airlines between 1999 and 2005, then moved to Foley-Fillmore International Airport's Terminal C until February 2013 when construction of terminal D of Foley-Fillmore International was completed to house flySmart flights.

Minneuka International Airport, Minneuka, Mennowa

Huntington Regional Airport, Huntington, Capital District

Andreapolis International Airport, Andreapolis, Alormen

Corporate affairs

FlySMART Silver card.png

FlySmart Headquarters West are based at Dennison International. The headquarters were built in 2004, about 300m south of the old Western building, demolished the next year. FlySmart created a frequent flier card in 2000, which is linked to WorldStar Alliance partner airlines.


A C60 retrojet

A livery of three blue and white colors with the FlySmart checkmark has been in use since the beginning of combined operations in late 1998. For the 10th anniversary of operations, in 2009, a "FlySmarter" livery was used. A retrojet livery (based on 1970s designs) was used on the 20th anniversary of operations, with both blue Southern Swan-inspired design and a green Western-inspired design.


The flySmart fleet included MacDougall Graham DG-80 trijets for the longest routes. They also use Contair C60s for medium/shorter routes, as well as a variety of prop/turboprop for shorter flights.

Budget and Budget+ Operating Model

FlySmart as it launched after the initial merger specialized in being a budget airline at its core. Aircrafts were no frills and classless, with all seats being the same, and any additional features cost extra.

More recently, around 2010 as the airline began seeing increased success, expansion, and more fliers choosing flySmart over alternative airlines, flySmart began to adapt what it calls the Budget+ operating model, where paying an extra fee includes improved seating and legroom up front, included snacks, drinks, and meals, headphones, lounge access, and baggage check. This model has since become fairly popular and has been rolled out across most flights.