FlyWright Air

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FlyWright Air
FlyWright Air logo
TypeNational flag carrier, public-private partnership
Traded asFLWR
HeadquartersWoolport, Woolonia
Area Served International
Key PeopleKevin Snellth, CEO & President
Parent CompanyFreedemiAir
PredecessorWrightsworth Air Services

FlyWright Air is a newer airline based out of Woolonia, now 52% owned by FreedemiAir.


In 1984, the current president Sealy Shearman issued that Woolonia was going to gain more connections with the outside world as they entered a new period of modern democracy after a long period of socialist rule. Ferdinand Wrightsworth, the owner of a charter flight service known as Wrightsworth Air Services, or WAS, based out of Woolport's then smaller Bert A. Anderson International Airport, was given a large financial subsidy to create a new national airline. After buying multiple airliners, they began with some smaller regional flights in 1989, but due to financial and governmental instability they reverted mainly to domestic flights in 1990.

At its short heyday in 1990, the service was renamed FlyWright Air. The W in the logo was made larger to stand for Woolonia and so the rest of the name would appear to read "Fly Right" (a statement later used as the airline's slogan).

In 2015, as Woolonia began to stabilize after a civil war, new ally Freedemia's FreedemiAir bought out the airline to help Woolonia gain further connections with the outside world and improve tourism in the country.


Currently, FlyWright Air only has one hub out through Bert A. Anderson International Airport in Woolport.


Destinations were planned to not overlap with FreedemiAir flights, while still adding more connections. The flight to Quentinsburgh, Troie, and Nekkar from Woolport is still operated by FreedemiAir as a partnership flight with FlyWright, but the Franklinsburgh to Woolport flight is now operated fully by FlyWright Air.


International from Woolport (via FlyWright Air)

International FlyWright Air Destinations from Woolport
Draco DC, Draco
Franklinsburgh, Freedemia
Khaiwoon, Khaiwoon
Latina (Cidudad), Latina
Safrisco, Paxtar
St. Richards, Pretany
Villa Constitución, Ardisphere
Wiwaxmouthe, Wiwaxia