Flyht Myrcia

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Flyht Myrcia
Founded1929 (as Mercian Airways Corporation)
Operating basesDunwic Flyhthæfen International, Mercian flag.png Myrcia
Focus citiesNórdhumber Flyhthæfen
Frequent-flyer programLyft
Airport loungeCóncórd Lounge
SubsidiariesÍslhóp, Cargo FM
Company sloganAr flyht, ar eambihtan, ar arraf
(To fly, to serve, to arrive)
HeadquartersFlyht Parc, Dunwic Flyhthæfen International, Myrcia

Flyht Myrcia is the flag-carrier of Myrcia, with its headquarters in Dunwic and its hub at Dunwic Flyhthæfen International. It is a member of the Geolliance code-sharing alliance. It operates services to destinations in Uletha and Tarephia.


Myrcia's position as an island nation led to an early development of passenger flights to the Ulethan mainland in the 1920s and 1930s from a number of aerodromes along the coastline by private operators with single airplanes. The Mercian Airways Corporation (MAC) was established by the government in 1929 to operate twice-daily flights from Wrenport Aerodrome (later Renburh Airport, now closed) to Resoboil in Scandmark.

MAC moved its main focus from Renburh to Dunwic Flyhthæfen International (then Dunwic Peterswic Aerodrome) in 1952 when it started operating jet services to destinations across Uletha and northern Tarephia. The government elected to change the airline's name in 1955 to Myrcian Flyht Myrcia which translates in Ingerish to Flying Myrcia.

Throughout the 1960s and 1970s the airline continued to grow both in the size of its fleet and the scope of destinations available to the Myrcian traveller. Greater international trade and co-operation fostered by the Rihtwísness government of the 1980s saw the growth of business travel across western Uletha, by 1988 the Dunwic - Winburgh route was operating 11 times daily.

Recent years have held mixed fortunes for the airline. The discovery of offshore oil and gas reserves in 1997 led to a further surge in business and leisure travel for FM as more Myrcians were able to afford to visit the continental mainland. Worried by this trend for increased air travel the Filiþléag a Mere coalition of 2004 imposed a hefty air duty which particularly impacted short-haul flights to destinations in Uletha which were served by ferries from the island. As a result of this air travel in Myrcia experienced the first year of negative growth in the 2005-6 financial year.

Flyht Myrcia re-focused its efforts on providing high-quality business travel at a premium cost to mainland Uletha and on developing holiday business on its long-haul services allowing Lyftfléogend, a new low-cost carrier, access to its less profitable routes.


Route Map as of Summer 2016

Flyht Myrcia flies to a number of international destinations in Uletha and Tarephia. It operates from three airports in Myrcia. Of these Dunwic Flyhthæfen International is by far the largest and the centre for FM's activities.

Airport Destinations
Dunwic Flyhthæfen International Ataraxia, Caerarthen, Delenter, Erihents, Gobras City, Hav, Herlenz, Keechi (suspended until further notice), Khaiwoon, Kolgóra, Lang Moen, La Pinta, Latina (Cidudad), Lynchester, Markvað, Molburg-Ošina, Nerschach, Nórdhumber, Odrava, Orlent, Pern, Port Emporia, Porto Real, Punto de Christopher, Quentinsburgh, Raggleneth, St. Richards, Säntjana, St Cedric (via Nórdhumber), Steingart, Swarzyn, Taiago, Tarott-Kemburg, Winburgh, Wiwaxmouthe
Seasonal: Frjalshöfn, Stykishólmur
Nórdhumber Flyhthæfen (with Íslhóp) Clifgate, Dunwic, St Cedric
St Cedric Flyhthæfen (with Íslhóp) Clifgate (via Nórdhumber), Dunwic (via Nórdhumber), Nórdhumber


Logo of Íslhóp services

Íslhóp (or FM Íslhóp) is the brand used by FM for the domestic shuttle service connecting St Cedric Flyhthæfen in Endoc with mainland Myrcia and Ingerland. It operates two routes, IH1 (St Cedric - Nórdhumber - Dunwic) and IH2 (St Cedric - Nórdhumber - Clifgate). Flights are operated by small 15-seater twin-prop planes.


Flyht Myrcia operates a twice-daily scheduled passengers helicopter service from Dunwic Heliport to St Jermin, Englea. The service commenced in 1986 when the heliport in Dunwic opened. It is subsidised by the Myrcian government and residents of Englea are entitled to discounted tickets.



On flights of less than 90 minutes the cabin is divided between Trafelclás and Businessclás. The Trafelclás cabin is configured with 3+3 seating and passengers are offered a complimentary drink and snack as well as a copy of Ærendbóc Myrcia or the Myrcian Herald. The Businessclás cabin is configured with 2+2 seating and passengers receive complimentary drinks and snacks (including alcoholic drinks and espresso-based hot drinks) as well as a selection of complimentary newspapers and magazines.

Mid and Long-Haul

On flights of over 90 minutes the cabin is divided into Trafelclás, Businessclás and Cóncórdclás. The Trafelclás cabin is configured with 3+3 seating passengers receive complimentary hot and cold drinks, a two-course meal, a small comfort pack and a copy of Ærendbóc Myrcia or the Myrcian Herald. Businessclás seating is laid out in a 2+2 configuration and passengers receive a three course meal, complimentary drinks (including alcohol), a Kyngeshuset comfort pack and a range of newspapers and magazines. Cóncórdclás offers a first-class in-flight experience with 1+1 seating configuration, lay flat beds and personal service. Cóncórdclás passengers receive a four course meal and a selection of complimentary products from Kyngeshuset and have access to extra large washrooms. Between Businessclás and Cóncórdclás, on XXX aircraft, there is a bar area which serves a range of local Myrcian drinks and snacks.


A Flyht Myrcia Boarding Pass

In-flight Facilities

All Flyht Myrcia planes offer free wifi to passengers and the majority now have DC charging sockets in all classes. On mid and long-haul flights a range of in-flight entertainment is provided in Myrcian, Ingerish and Scandic. The in-flight magazine is published in Myrcian as Norðrodor and in Ingerish & Scandic as Northern Sky.


As part of the 2010 brand refresh Flyht Myrcia undertook a number of partnerships with well-known Myrcian brands. Kyngeshuset department stores provide Businessclás and Cóncórdclás comfort packs and woolen blankets as well as products for the in-flight shopping catalogue. Ærendbóc Myrcia and the Myrcian Herald offer complimentary copies of their newspapers to all passengers as well as providing material for the in-flight magazine. On short-haul flights the snacks and sandwiches are sourced from Freshstór.

Loyalty Scheme

The Flyht Myrcia loyalty scheme is Lyft which offers lounge access and upgrades for frequent flyers. Since 2015 the Lyft card can be loaded onto a TMkart and points collected on all public transport travel in Myrcia.