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There are five major national newspapers published daily in Myrcia, four in Myrcian and one in Ingerish. Alongside this there are a number of weekly local and regional newspapers and political freesheets. The press in Myrcia has undergone a liberalisation since the 1990s when press laws was relaxed but it still remains tightly regulated by the independent Presséscór Myrcia.


Ærendbóc Myrcia

Ærendbóc Myrcia.png

Ærendbóc Myrcia is published daily and based in St Grimbald. It is owned by Mediamyrcia. ÆrM (as it is colloquially known) is considered to be a centrist paper, it has endorsed Efenhléoðor Ungewilde in recent elections.

Myrcian Herald


The Myrcian Herald is an Ingerish-language paper published in Dunwic and distributed internationally though north-west Uletha. The paper is owned by Herald Group which is traded as HGP on the MYRX. It is considered to be politically independent but it does have a leaning toward free trade and international business.



Ymbwlátend is published daily in Dunwic by Ymbwlátend Mediabránd. It is considered to be right-of-centre and has endorsed Rihtwísness at recent elections.




Folc is published by Mediamyrcia in Dunwic. It is traditionalist and right-of-centre and has endorsed both Rihtwísness in recent elections but was historically considered to be aligned with Æðel Myrcia before its loss of popularity.



Wilspell is published daily from Dunwic. It is owned by the Herald Group. The paper is politically left-wing and is well known for its cultural and literary coverage. It sponsors a number of festivals and cultural events across Myrcia. The paper has historically endorsed Wyrcend but supported Filiþléag a Mere at the last elections.




dwc is published daily in Dunwic. The title is a shortening of the city's name and the paper covers events in the city. It is free and handed out outside the major rail, tram and light rail stations in the city. The paper is considered to be on the left of most media and regularly endorses the Wyrcend government.