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The FoodRite logo

FoodRite is a low budget supermarket in Freedemia. Locations are usually found in more impoverished areas. Often, locations will open up in closed down supermarkets or other medium-sized vacant parcels in food deserts to provide options and food to areas that need them. FoodRite is known for not having a variety of different brands or varieties, as they focus on providing the basics.


FoodRite was founded in 1986, with the first location in an extremely impoverished neighborhood in Graham City. All the other major supermarkets in the area had gone out of business. FoodRite largely offered a very basic selection of groceries, with few available varieties. Nonetheless, with FoodRite providing the cheapest prices and no other options nearby, the business thrived. Eventually FoodRite would expand to other lower-income neighborhoods across Freedemia, such as the Hinespoint Heights neighborhood in northern Quentinsburgh.