Foosball in Freedemia

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Foosball is the most popular sport in Freedemia. Freedemia is the number one country for Foosball in the OGF World.

  • Little League Foosball
Freedemia has a national league Little league is split into two leagues, one (Freedemian Young Foosball Little League) for elementary school students and the other (Freedemian Foosball Little League) ranges from middle school to high school graduation set up by region.
  • College League Foosball
Each college in Freedemia has a team in the Freedemian University Foosball League, and the league is set up by region. Interestingly enough, the college leagues act almost as a minor league to the major league.
  • Major League Foosball
Freedemia is home to the Freedemian Major Foosball League. Each major city in Freedemia has a team, and the league is set up by region. There are four regions, Northwest, Southwest, Central and East.


Quentinsburgh Spinsters- Based in J. Bond Center in Quentinsburgh
Fort Elwood Firegoals
Haroldsborough Hardballs
Vandover Vipers
Laneston Lemurs (technically plays as part of East League)*
Reedsboro Robins


Franklinsburgh Fastscores
Lake Grander Grizzlies
Henshaw ?
Candace ?
Personsboro Panthers


San Grande Sharkshots
Trenchent Trickshots- Based in Broman Colliseum in Trenchent
Graham City Goalshots
San Guijarros Rockslides
Kenworthsboro Kangaroos


Anneitasburgh Aceshots
Savvenasburgh Slicksters
Wellsylvania ?
? ?

Note: *Because of the fact the Northwest region has six teams and the East only has four (but it's supposed to be five per region), when it comes to the East league, the Laneston Lemurs actually get counted as part of the East League when it comes to playoffs.

Two teams from each region go into the playoffs, where they will then play each other in a best out of three match, and one team from each league moves on, then the remaining four teams play each other in best out of three matches and the final two play in the Foosball National Championship in Quentinsburgh, a best out of five match.

  • Junior and Senior High School Local Leagues- Most high schools and some middle/junior high schools also have foosball teams in local leagues.


Foosball is much like a tabletop game of soccer with slightly different rules. Players each have player pieces on rods that spin to hit the foosball. The goal is to hit the ball into the other player's goal. First player to 10 wins, but the winner must win by two. Foosball is generally an individual sport. Such teams in Freedemian Foosball operate like tennis teams, with different players playing each other. However, there is team foosball, with longer tables and room for at least 2 or 3 players on each side of the table. These teams are rarer in Freedemia, although they do exist in a less professional fashion.


International Foosball

Freedemia is home to the biannual International Foosball World Cup, which takes place every other April in Quentinsburgh. Freedemia is also a large advocate of making foosball a Geolympiad sport.