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Z11, 52.0887 °N, 39.0691 °E

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Country Kalm flag.svg Kalm
Population 421,936 (2014)
Major airport Flughafen Forberg-Golbrünn
Highways Autobahn A1 (Kalm), Autobahn A12 (Kalm), ...
Train station Forberg Hauptbahnhof, Forberg-Dorlach and many regional and suburban rail stations
Tram 9 lines
Website www.www.forberg.kl
City map of Forberg as used as "wall decoration" in many official municipal institutions

Forberg is a city within the Republic of Kalm. It is traversed by Fora river from the south to the north and the largest city of the federal region of Markland with about 420,000 inhabitants.


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Forberg is not a very industrial city. However, a few globally important industrial companies are located within the city. For example Reidel & Kreidt Waggonwerke, located within Schoffenhof district.


Public transit

Forberg has a dense public transit network, consisting of 9 tramway lines, 3 trolleybus lines and several local and regional bus lines. Also, lines S1, S2, S5, S6, S7, and S9 of the S-Bahn Forberg-Golbrünn network are an important means of public transit within the city, together with many regional train lines. Forberg is connected to many other cities within Kalm by long-distance trains, including the Nerschach - Orlent FLINX high-speed railway line.

Public transit network map of Forberg