Foreign Relations of Pasalia

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Listed here are the Foreign Relations of Pasalia. These include relations with foreign countries, instituations, organisations aswell as AN relations.

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Relations with foreign countries

Sorted alphabetically with their official Ingerish names.




Montran is one of the closest friends Pasalia has, politically speaking. The royal family of Pasalia came from Montran. This has caused both countries to share a lot of Cultural rituals and significantly shaped their behaviour. Today both countries trade a variety of goods with eachother. About 12000 Montranians (?) live in Pasalia, about 9000 Pasalians live in Montran. PaxtarFlag.png Paxtar

Arataran is viewed as undesirable partner by Pasalia due to its Socialist government. This may change with further democratization.

Pasalia and Freedemia are trading partners, with Pasalia having a exporting deficit with them. Pasalia has been influenced with Freedemian culture after the war and typical foods like burgers are now considered standard foods in Pasalia. Imported from Freedemia are Aluminium (96% of Pasalian Aluminium needs are met with this), Nickel, High-Tech products and Rice. Exported to it are Timber, automobile parts and Salt.

Cariocas and Pasalia are important trading partners. Pasalia is heavily dependant on Cariocas Oil imports and often gives large sums of money to their Government to ensure a constant flow of it. Both Countries have embassies in the other country.

Relations with Welstand-Westrijk have recently gotten worse as heavy criticism of the Death Penalty in Pasalia arose. The two governments are currently in the process of cutting back relations.

Country Recognised in (Year) Information
Auhstrasunoteroflag.svg Aŭstrasuno Tero
Flag of Guai.svg Guai
Flag.png Jefferson
Maydien flag.png Maydien
Meilan flag.png Meilan
Lost country.png Nordmark
PaxtarFlag.png Paxtar
Lost country.png Woolonia
Lost country.png Andalaz
Lost country.png Arataran
Luciano Flag FA.png Ardisphere
Balavalonia 867317.png Balavalonia
Lost country.png Balonis
ByriFlag1835present.png Kalisaanyo
Lost country.png Canadeshia
Flag itc1.png Cariocas
Ingerland-flag.png Ingerland
Shadze-Ma Flag.png Shadze-Ma Pasalia and Shadze-Ma have a long history of diplomatic and economic relations. With both countries being established at around the same time, they share a common history and interests. However, differences in the languages and culture they inherited from their colonial predecessors are some of the defining aspects of their national identities. Today Shadze-Ma maintains a consulate in Pasaliapolis. Imports to Shadze-Ma consist mainly of alcoholic beverages - wines, cognac and fortified wine - fruits, iron ore and specialist machinery. Exported to Shadze-Ma are heavy machinery, automobiles (especially motorcycles), wheat and construction materials. Around 2000 Shadze-Ma citizens live in Pasalia, around 300 Pasalians in Shadze-Ma. Because of the decentralised nature of the political structure in Shadze-Ma there have been minor disputes about maritime borders; these are in the process of being settled through diplomacy.


Relations and memberships with foreign institutions

Antarephian Alliance

Applied for in 1972, Member since 1973

Relations with foreign NGO's

List of countries that share diplomatic relations with Pasalia

List of countries that Pasalia has fought against