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Franklin's Supermarkets
TypeSupermarket, Grocery Store
 Grocery Stores
 Food Marts
HeadquartersQuentinsburgh, FreedemianFlag1.png Freedemia
Area Served FreedemianFlag1.png Freedemia
 Franklin's Express
Parent CompanyFranklin's LLC
PredecessorFranklin's Local Groceries

Franklin's is a supermarket chain and distribution company based out of Freedemia.


In the 1920's, Kenn Franklin Sr. bought a farm on the then-outskirts of Quentinsburgh, and over the next 20 years or so he and his family ran the farm which begun to thrive.

In 1943, local farmer Kenn Franklin Jr. and his family started selling some food out of their family farm (Franklin Family Farms) on the land that is now Sean Bond International Airport. In 1944, as their foods grew in popularity, they started selling food under the name Franklin's Fresh Farm Foods. In 1952, they realized that there was a rising demand for foods like theirs to be sold further in the city. Now defunct Hammill General, one of the oldest large chain supermarkets in Freedemia founded in 1902, was the only larger non-family owned grocery chain that served the inner parts of Quentinsburgh in the 1950's so there was a large opening for a new supermarket chain to start serving more of Quentinsburgh and other major cities.

(Hammill General went out of business in 1994 and was subsequently bought by CanimoFoods.)

In 1956, Kenn Franklin Jr., along with his daughter Jennifer who was a business major, opened the first location of what he called Franklin's Local Groceries on Hayes Street in southern central Quentinsburgh. The location was credited as one of the first stores in Freedemian history to combine old fashioned service with modern formats, like shopping carts, parking, and multiple checkout lanes. By 1961, there were locations in neighborhoods all across Quentinsburgh and in other major cities and suburbs like Laneston/Vandover, Haroldsborough, Franklinsburgh, and Fort Elwood.

In the 1970s, Franklin's Local Groceries underwent a re-branding as newer locations boasted more features and a more modern full-sized supermarket format. The chain was renamed Franklin's Supermarkets to point out the new features that Franklin's had. Very few similar competitors existed on such a large scale, and many locations began to have new features, such as pharmacies and restaurants, that would become staples of the later All-n-One stores Franklin's LLC. would create in the 1980's. The common name would later be shortened to just Franklin's though Franklin's Supermarkets is technically still the full name.

Franklin's founded a larger superstore chain with more features called Allmart in 1983 as a test of a larger, almost department store + supermarket layout. The new stores often included pharmacies, vision areas, garden departments, clothing, and fast food restaurants. The new format stores did well within Freedemia, although they originally faced steep competition from companies like ValueMart and even some larger locations of Rose Market, Family Market, and sometimes even other Franklin's locations themselves. However, in 2000, they faced a looming lawsuit from another very large chain with a similar name. They settled out of court with the understanding that the former Allmart company would undergo a complete rebranding, including all products and store locations. By 2002, the transition was complete at all locations and the new name became All-n-One. All-n-One has become very successful since the rebranding. All-n-One is currently ranked #1 in Freedemia in locations and customers, followed by sister store Franklin's in 2nd. CanimoFoods came in 3rd, and Rose Market fourth.

While they are often outranked in the "Nicest/Fanciest Shopping Experience" category, Franklin's and All-n-One continually rank 1st in the nation for "Best Value" (as in highest quality for the lowest prices) and "Nicest Shopping Experience for a Low Budget Supermarket".

In the last few years, large superstore locations of Franklin's have been downsided or rebranded as All-n-One locations while smaller more supermarket style locations remain Franklin's locations.


Franklin's slogan is Quality Products. Quality Prices. This actually did cause many scuffles between Franklin's and competitor CanimoFoods, as CanimoFoods' slogan introduced a few years after Franklin's slogan is Your Local Quality Store. Eventually, they settled out of court after a judge informed both parties that under Freedemian Law, no one could put a copyright on a common word like Quality.

Some commercials and advertisements also add "Quality Service" to the slogan, especially when emphasizing customer service.

Past Slogans

  • 1950's: Franklin's Local Groceries. Bringing the good to you!
  • 1960's: Franklin's Local Groceries. Quality local food for real low prices.
  • 1970's (briefly used): It's Simply Franklin's!!
  • 1970's: Bringing you quality products at quality prices since 1956.
  • 1980's: Quality Products for Great Low Prices since 1956.
  • 1990's: Always Quality Products. Always Quality Prices.
  • 2000's: Quality Products for Quality Prices since 1956.


Franklin's locations really vary in format from small locations called Franklin's Express to large locations that are almost superstore-like in quality.

Franklin's (regular format)

Most Franklin's locations are just large supermarkets, offering a variety of products and brands and offering everything from groceries to office supplies to a pharmacy. A new version of the traditional format has made it possible to create locations in much more dense urban areas without reliance on parking.

Franklin's Express

These locations are only seen in mostly rural areas that need a supermarket, many times in place of a large convenience store at fuel stations, college campuses or urban areas too small and clustered for a regular location.

Franklin's (large superstore-like locations)

In the past Franklin's chose the formats based off of the population of the surrounding area, which led to a large amount of larger superstore locations similar to small locations of sister supermarket All-n-One. More recently, Franklin's has favored rebranding larger locations as All-n-One's to emphasize the large superstore-like quality of the stores, while other supersized locations have been downsized, getting split in half and the other side rented out to another large store, usually a small department store or a large dollar store.

Store Brands

Franklin's, along with sister All-n-One stores owned by parent company Franklin's LLC, is the sole seller of several brands, such as-

  • All-the-Basics- groceries, food products, things like paper towels, toilet paper, detergent, etc (Also sold at All-n-One.)
  • All-Home- home products (Also sold at All-n-One.)
  • All-Health- pharmacy, medicines, supplements, etc (at select Franklin's locations with pharmacies, also sold at All-n-One.)
  • For the Office- office products (Sold at select Franklin's locations, and at all Franklin's locations during back to school sales. Also sold at All-n-One.)
  • Spring Clean- cleaning products (Also sold at All-n-One.)


Franklin's also owns All-n-One, a superstore chain with locations in Freedemia, the Ardisphere, and Wiwaxia. Many former All-n-One Community Markets stores have recently been rebranded as Franklin's locations.

Market Share

Between All-n-One and Franklin's, they make up 48% of the market share in Freedemia. Competitor CanimoFoods makes up the next 23%.

International locations

Franklin's had recently attempted to open new locations internationally. Unfortunately, the process ended up failing, and all international locations are closing in January 2018. In contrast, Franklins' owned All-n-One has already expanded to Wiwaxia, the Ardisphere and Khaiwoon and is looking to expand further.