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Franklin's LLC
TypeSupermarket, Grocery Store
 Grocery Stores
 Food Marts
HeadquartersQuentinsburgh, FreedemianFlag1.png Freedemia
Area Served FreedemianFlag1.png Freedemia, worldwide
 En Masse
 la Rávita
Parent CompanyFranklin's LLC
PredecessorFranklin's Local Groceries

Franklin's LLC is a Freedemian grocery retail company and owner of Franklin's supermarkets, All-n-One hypermarkets, and En Masse bulk stores.


In the 1910's, Kenn Franklin Sr, a successful farmer and his family, started selling some food out of their family farm (Franklin Family Farms). As their foods grew in popularity, they realized that there was a rising demand for foods like theirs to be sold further into the city. Now defunct Hammill General, one of the oldest large chain supermarkets in Freedemia founded in 1882, was seeing strong success with their larger format stores, but minimal competition in the inner parts of Quentinsburgh. Franklin saw this as an opening for a new supermarket chain to start serving more of Quentinsburgh and other major cities, and that they had the capacity to produce much of their own products.

(Hammill General went out of business in 1994 and was subsequently bought by WrightPrice Foods.)

In 1926, Kenn Franklin Jr., along with his daughter Jennifer, opened the first location of what he called Franklin's Groceries on Hayes Street in southern central Quentinsburgh. The location was moderately successful, but only grew to five locations originally. In 1941, Jennifer Franklin led the stores in transferring to a self-service set up. Franklin's Groceries was credited as one of the first chains in Freedemian history to experiment with modern amenities like shopping carts, parking, and multiple checkout lanes. By 1950, there were locations in neighborhoods all across Quentinsburgh and in other major cities and suburbs throughout Freedemia.

Around 1960, Franklin's Groceries underwent a re-branding as newer locations boasted more features and a more modern full-sized supermarket format. The chain was renamed Franklin's Supermarkets to point out the new features that Franklin's had. Many locations began to have new features, such as pharmacies and restaurants, that would become staples of the later All-n-One stores Franklin's LLC. would create in the 1970's. The common name would later be shortened to just Franklin's.

Since around 2010, large superstore locations of Franklin's have been downsized or rebranded as All-n-One locations, while smaller more supermarket style locations remain Franklin's locations.

la Rávita

Current logo of la Rávita supermarkets, the saintmarkinian branch of Franklin's.

Franklin's operates stores in San Marcos under the name la Rávita. In 1989, Franklin's opened a test location in the Rávita quarter of Lucero. When gaining popularity, it was known by locals as Rávita's supermarket, so Franklin's San Marcos rebranded to la Rávita and expanded to the rest of San Marcos with that name.


Current logo of All-n-One.

Franklin's founded a larger superstore chain with more features called Franklin's Allmart in 1973 as a test of a larger, almost department store + supermarket layout. The new stores often included pharmacies, vision areas, garden departments, clothing, and fast food restaurants. The new format stores did extremely well within Freedemia, pioneering the superstore format in the country before the introduction of rivals like Gigante or MarketPlus. Seeing the success of the format, in 1979 the Franklin's Allmart stores would undergo a complete rebranding, including all products, logos, and formats, to All-n-One. By 1982, the transition was complete at all locations. All-n-One has become very successful since the rebranding, with sharpest competition in the superstore market coming from Paroy's MarketPlus and Barzona's Gigante.

[[|250px|right|thumb|logo of Franklin's Allmart will go here]]

Localized names

In some countries, All-n-One operates under a different name or a more unique format to match the local market. All-n-One has expanded to Karolia under the local name Kaikka-Ühësa, and to the Demirhan Empire under the name Hepsi Bir.

En Masse

Current logo of En Masse.

In 1990, following the growth of retail warehouse club supermarkets in other countries like the Federal States, Franklin's introduced En Masse, their take on the bulk club. While not as popular as their other formats, (partially due to self-competition with the All-n-One and Franklin's stores, as well as the density of most Freedemian cities making Franklin's and All-n-One locations more viable), En Masse has seen relative success.

En Masse has also been present in Barzona since 2015, with locations in Barzona, Villalis and Fontanet.

Store Brands

Chains owned by Franklin's LLC, which includes Franklin's, All-n-One, and En Masse stores, are the sole seller of several brands, such as-

  • All-the-Basics- groceries, food products, things like paper towels, toilet paper, detergent, etc.
  • All-Home- home products
  • All-Auto- auto parts and products
  • All-Health- pharmacy, medicines, supplements, etc
  • For the Office- office products and school supplies
  • All Clean!- cleaning products
  • All-Tech- electronics