Frederico Butallas

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President Frederico Butallas

Frederico Butallas, born 1902 in Gadi (Sierra San Gabriel) was a latinian politicien. From 1947 to 1959 he was 12 years President of Latina. Later from 1966 to 1972 he was Chief Secretary of the Assembly of Nations. Since 1961 til his death 1984 the Senat of Latina elected him to a member of this cooperation.

Butallas makes his first steps in the socialist party. He has studied medicine in Cordoba and is doktor. Til 1935 he practizised in Gadi (Sierra San Gabriel) and was then secretary of the party for the province Sierra San Gabriel.

For president Eduardo Higas then he go to Latina as secretary for the party, but had never a seat in the Cortes. In the second periode of Carlos Sapenas (1943 - 1947) first he go back to Gadi as doctor and since 1944 too as journalist in the newspaper "Hoy". If there are not many good persons, the liberal party ask him, to candidate for the voting 1947 under her umbrella.

What was only a vague hope, then was reality. Butallas was elected as president and 1951 and 1955 a second and a third time. In this time (... more text later ...)

After twelfe years it was time for another man (or woman). 1961 he get a seat in the Senate. The top of his carrer indeed was 1966 the election for 1966 - 1972 at the first Chief Secretary of the Assembly of Nations in St. Richards / Pretany. Therefore he gave up his seat in the Senate, but 1973 he was elected again in this gremium. 1971 Frederico Butallas get the Serna Prize for peace.

Frederico Butallas died 1984 - then 82 years old - and is buried as usual in the presidents corner of the cemetery "Honor de Patria". He was married 62 years with his wife Dolores, who died 1989. Both have 3 children, but none of them is political active.

Predecessor President of Latina Successor
Carlos Sapenas 1947 - 1959 Carlos Sapenas