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The Freedin (f'), otherwise known as the Freedemian dollar, is a currency used in Freedemia and Nature.

Bills/ Banknotes


The banknotes and coins were redesigned in 2000 to have a simpler sleeker design than they previously had. These newer banknotes and coins designs are some of the most modern and simplistic in the world. In 2001 Braille lettering was added so those who could not see could still tell what bills were what.

List of Bills/Banknotes

  • f`1
  • f`2
  • f`5- pictures Freedemian Box Turtle (pictured below)
  • f`10- pictures Freedemian Green-headed, White-tipped Mallard (pictured below)
  • f`20
  • f`25
  • f`50
  • f`100




The Freedemian Dollar (Freedin) also breaks down into smaller coin units known as Freedin Cents (abbreviated fc). Due to the fact that there is no more OneCoin, as it was discontinued in 1980, prices round up to the nearest 5 cents. The TwoCoin and FiveCoin have recently been under debate, as under this system numbers on the fives don't really match numbers on the 2s. In 2015, the Freedemian Legislature voted to stop creation of the TwoCoin and just round up or down to the fives. A HalfFiveCoin (2.5 Freedin Cents) was considered but ultimately shot down. The legislature also voted to create a 20 Freedin Cent Coin as a Fifth Freedin.

List of Coins

  • fc5- Five Freedin Cent coins, aka One FiveCoin
  • fc10- Ten Freedin Cent coins, aka One TenCoin (pictured below)
  • fc20- Twenty Freedin Cent coins, aka Fifth Freedin
  • fc25- Twenty-Five Freedin Cent coins, aka Quarter Freedin

List of Discontinued coins

  • fc2- Two Freedin Cent Coins, aka One TwoCoin