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The kerette logo, the most common and most recognizable logo of the IP

The Freedoms Party (Sanain: Isegeltek Partia, IP) is a party in the Republic of Sãikyel and the current leading party in both the House of the People and the House of the States. The current Prime Minister, Erven Ogudek, is the leader of the Freedoms Party.

Early history

The Freedoms Party was created out of a nationalist dispute between the delegates of the Principality of Nevensad in the Hanbibi Assembly in 1918. A majority of the assembled delegates wanted to ratify the proposals of the neutral Principality of Sãikyel, thereby preserving the interests and territorial integrity of their nation, but the rest refused to accept them as legitimate, and rejected them. Although a plurality would be reached from the remaining delegates alone, which would be enough to approve of the proposals and draw the convention to a close, the dissenting members managed to convince 3 of the 13 members in favor of the plan to reject it on the day of voting. Since 2 of the 3 states were required to ratify the plan, the 10 to 10 stalemate in Nevensad and Hunuda's outright rejection of the proposals resulted in their eventual tabling.

The split between the two factions in terms of the provisions resulted in the 10 assenting delegates from Nevensad promptly leaving the convention and returning to their home country. Seeing no point in continuing the gridlock in the Assembly, the remaining delegates went back two days later, effectively dissolving the convention in mid-July of 1918. This turned out to be a misinterpretation of first 10 representatives' aims; they hoped that by returning to Nevensad, they would end the stalemate and manage to get progress done. In following them, the "original" 10 thought that the dissenters were purposefully poking fun at them; this only furthered the split between their opinions.

Eventually, the schism between the delegates spread to the entirety of Nevensad's politics, and even to Prince Alberet Giranda, the constitutional ruler of the Principality, who is quoted as having said that he personally would have ratified the treaty and "put an end to this nonsense". In doing so, he further divided a political class on the verge of implosion, and a general area in distress.