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GOFARTHER, or Franklinsburgh Area Rapid Transit, is the primary provider of mass transit/ public transportation in the Franklinsburgh, Freedemia metropolitan Area.

OwnerFranklinsburgh Area Rapid Transit
Area servedFranklinsburgh and surrounding areas
Transit typeBus
Number of lines6
Line numbersGreen, Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow, Brown
Began operation1958
Tracks2-tracked mostly



GOFARTHER was originally created in 1958 under the name Franklinsburgh Area Rapid Transit System. In 1975, they attempted to turn that into an acronynm, which... quite frankly was a PR disaster. They attempted to change the name to Franklinsburgh Area Rapid Transit Authority but the damage had already been done. Then, in 2009, the system was completely rebranded to be known as GOFARTHER, which for the most part resolved most of the problem. GOGRANDER, Lake Grander's transit system, was also rebranded in 2009 from the original name, GARTA (Grander Area Rapid Transit Authority).

GOFARTHER's first metro line opened in 1979.

There is still some debate over the name as the proper grammatical form would technically be GOFURTHER. Some have proposed changing the name to Franklinsburgh Urban Rapid Transit to make it GOFURTHER, but that hasn't happened.