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Galmosen is a city in the far northwest of Utterland, lying close to the borders with Vinnmark and Shilesia. It is positioned just south of the hilly mining area of Galmosen Vallei.


Galmosen Abbey was built in the 13th century, as a place of worship and a place of succour to travellers from the surrounding areas. Lying at the foot of, at the time, lawless mountains, travellers were always relieved to have made it to Galmosen.

The Abbey exists to this day on the northern outskirts of the city, close to the banks of the Mosen River as it flows into Lake Galmosen. A cathedral was built by the monks on slightly higher ground, which became the nucleus for the growing town.

Galmosen became a place of refuge for those fleeing troubled Vinnmark in the mid 1930s. The refugees were eventually housed in the estate to the city's east, off the Sterrenbeeldpark.

City features


Galmosen is famous for its pleasant parks. The Middel Park is the nucleus for the roadsystem, as well as for the tram lines. The Kerkenpark was put around the cathedral. Closer to Lake Galmose lies the Iepenpark, with the Orientaalpark to the southeast of the centre. The large Sterrenbeeldpark lies along the Blankendaalsestraatweg, which links Galmosen to Blankendaal.

Public transport

Galmosen has four railwaystations, Zuid, Centraal, Cruxenweg and North. There are mainline connections to Vinnmark as well as the towns of Blankendaal and Rijksbergen.

The town's tramway system (GTD) radiates out from the Middel Park, along the Cruxenweg, the Centrale Straat, the Isgemerstraat and the Blankendaalsestraatweg. One line runs from the North railwaystation along the Driestadsboulevard to the Galmose United FC soccer football stadium. This continues east towards the Sterrenbeeldpark.

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