Gani Di-tso

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The Gani Di-tso Mountain Range is a major mountain range of Northern Uletha centered on the Ulis Dav region of Sonela Gohi and ranging from Hyildien to Neberly. It is comprised of two distinct mountain chains: the southern Ada ridges and the northern Agivs range. The Ulis Dav valley sandwiched in the eastern part of the range where the two mountain ranges part for several hundred kilometers.


The southern Ada ridges have been active since the Pliocene as part of the ongoing rifting of northern Uletha. The northern Agivs range is a much older (Ordovician) range left over from the formation of the Ulethan continent 450mya. The Ulis Dav valley, sandwiched between the two ranges, was uplifted as part of the Southern orogeny and now forms the Ulis Dav province of Sonela Gohi.

Cultural Significance

The name Gani Di-tso tranlates to "Terror of Heaven." In the Ulis Dav culture, the two visually distinct ranges represent the dichotomy between a harsh, adversarial nature and a soothing, helpful nature.