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Gankakuchō-Pang ("Chancellor"-ward) is a city ward in Dengshō 1 - Dosyaeng, the inner city of Kojo's capital Pyingshum. Before 1956 it was known as Baélfuē-Pang (from Ataraxian Belle Vue).


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The Pang's history is, as its name indicated, closely tied to the role of the Chancellor in the political system of Kojo. After Daiamondoshi-Pang was finished in the 1850's, development and growth mostly concentrated on spaces between the old and the new city core, and the areas to the north only slowly urbanised. The Pang slowly began to develop in an almost suburban style before starting to become more compact later on. Following the first great constitutional reform in 1910 the role of the Chancellor in the political system was strengthened, and so did the importance of the Pang in which most Chancellors traditionally operated their office; close to the other official institutions, but not in Daiamondoshi-Pang itself which would have left a negative impression on working class voters. Consequently many international and national NGOs also opened their offices in Gankakuchō-Pang. In 1956, the Pang changed its name to the name it holds today, as Pyingshumanians had been calling it that way since a number of years.

In November 1984, the 1984tari ní Ōkurā (The great fire of 1984) occurred. The southern part of the neighbourhood burned down completely, and the ensuing reconstruction shaped the Pangs city scape to this day. The new Gankakuchō so Hyosilwe was finished in 1989.


On 2.1 km² there live 41,555 people, giving it a population density of 19,788 inhabitants/km².


The Pang mostly hosts office space and some apartment buildings, there is comparatively few retail space. Many offices host agencies and companies related to government work, such as cultural institutions, government agencies, economic Institutes, NGOs and media outlets. One of the area's advantages compared to the more prestigious and expensive Daiamondoshi-Pang is that the newer buildings allow more effective floor layouts for large office spaces. It is the only Pang in the inner city besides the new CBD Chinkágaldosim-Pang that has a majority of its buildings being built in a modern fashion. One reason was a great fire in 1984, as a result of which amongst others the new Chancellery was constructed. The architecture is therefore mostly characterised by concrete and glass office buildings from the last third of the 20th century.