Gankakuchō so Hyosilwe

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The Gankakuchō so Hyosilwe (lit. Office of the Chancellor) is the workplace of the Gankakuchō (Chancellor), who is head of government of Kojo and his entourage. Besides being the center of government, it is also used for many representative purposes such as receiving heads of state or government from abroad.


(refer to Political system of Kojo)

Originally, in the Constitution from 1834, the President was the leading figure in the government, assisted by a chancellor (his private assistant) which had to be approved by Parliament. However, by political practice the rule of chancellor rose in power, and during the major constitutional reforms in 1969 the government was restructured. Now, the President was intended to hold mostly representative functions, besides im remaining head of military and as an instance of last check when signing laws, to keep government in check. The chancellor, not residing in an own office yet, was supposed to do the everyday political work and was now directly elected by the parliament every new legislature. Over time, even the last issues of practical politics were transferred from the President to either ministers, the parliament or the chancellor, and the President remained with the few representative and legal-check task he has today.

As bureaucracy around the chancellor continued to grow, and in the light of the constitutional reform that would position the Chancellor also as the "official" head of government, it became more and more apparent that a proper seat for the head of government would be needed. A first dedicated location was found north-east of the parliament, in an area back then known as Baélfuē-Pang. Subsequent administrations kept moving to new facilities, however remained in the general area, which led to many government related institutions from the private and the public sector to open offices there. In 1956, the Quarter was therefore renamed as Gankakuchō-Pang

The 1984tari ní Ōkurā (The great fire of 1984) marked an enormous caesura for the adminstration. Not only the Chancellor's offices, but also a large part of the surrounding neighbourhood burned down. Amidst an ensuing political crisis, already existing plans for a grand new government building complex had to be cut down to fit with the mourning and commemorative design. Nevertheless, a new Chancellery (and the first building dedicated to that role from the beginning of its instant) was opened in 1989.


Instead of taking an approach of historicism, the government went for a postmodern, plain design, which also fits with the theme in the rest of the rebuilt area. However elements from older periods were included in the facade design.

The building has been target of heavy criticism about its "miss-fitting" style, which in some people's opinion ruins the atmosphere in the otherwise very uniform Daiamondoshi-Pang and surrounding areas. The chancellor does not live in the chancellery, but instead usually lives in a private apartment somewhere in the city.

Structure and organisation

The building is subdivided into a total of 6 departments, which all assist the chancellor with his or her everyday work in their respective fields; 1)Interior policy and law 2)Foreign Policy 3)Business and finances 4)Social issues and infrastructure 5)Press 6)Military and Intelligence.

Location and surroundings

The Chancellery is located in Gankakuchō-Pang, Dosyaeng-Dengshō, Pyingshum, Kojo. To the east there is the Kojo Jōbun-Chimryo (Kojo National Press-Centre) and several office buildings belonging to the parliament, the Jōbunhakke. A bit further south there is the Jōbun so Gúwan, on which the Jōbunhakke, the Būla so Naelnimyue (Min. of the Interior), the Sotta so Naelnimyue (Min. of Foreign Affairs), Humenyamin Chezi and the Ataraxian embassy are situated.

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