Gann Republic

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The Gann Republic was formed in 1262 by settlers of Irish and Scottish descent. The first city, Rotherby, was formed on the peninsula on the north side of what is now known as the St. Gann Estuary. Explorers immediately sought out exploring the watercourse of the St. Gann River and tributaries. Smaller settlements and towns began to dot the coastline and along the major rivers - St Gann, Zoayden, and the like.

In 1500, an epic-scale disaster was set upon the Republic. An unusually warm decade forced the receding of several glaciers located in the western and northern mountainous regions of the country. Many of these glaciers had been damming large freshwater lakes, as well as feeding lakes and watercourses beneath the glaciers. Most of these glaciers receded completely, resulting in the release of thousands of gallons of water to flood every watercourse fed by the glaciers. The resulting floods, many of which raised the water levels at flood stage to 20-50 feet above normal. The resulting flood wiped out all settlements along the rivers, save for some higher-elevation settlements and most coastal locations. The founding settlement of Rotherby was among those wiped out. While the town was rebuilt, the eventual national capital of Essex was founded in 1662.

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