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Gautig (English pronunciation: [gaʊtɪg]) is the capital and largest city of the Arcois District. the city of Gautig is located along the southern shore of the Gulf of Alora at the edge of the Bay of Arcois and near the mouths of the Arcois and Savona Rivers. Arcois also boasts its own natural harbor which supports the berthing of large and small ships including freighters.


Arcois was founded in 1801 by German settlers and is named after Henri Alexander Gautig who was believed to have established the first outpost known as Fort Gautig, which overlooks the Gautig Harbor. This outpost established a safe port for German settlers that were looking to colonize the area. The outpost has been preserved and restored and is now listed as a Gobrasanya Heritage site and hosts a museum and tours.

Gautig became the capital city of Arcois in 1869 when the district of Arcois was formed by the Gobrasi Senate. It has remained its capital since its founding.

Landmarks and Tourism

  • City Central Market - Along the waterfront near Fort Gautig
  • Fernsehturm Gautig - a 600m tower that includes a large observation deck and Restaurant at the 450m level. This tower provides television, radio, and telecommunications services. It is the largest tower in Uletha, and is the prominent tourism attraction in the city hosting more than 500,000 guests per year.
  • Fort Gautig - Located along the historic waterfront and Gautig Harbor.
  • Gautig stock Exchange - The largest commodities market in the Gobrasi Peninsula
  • Gobrassanya Central Bank - serves as the Gautig Branch for the central bank
  • Weisbaden Village - A traditional German style settlement located just west of the city which is host to many german style buildings and businesses. This is also a major tourist draw for the city. It also has its famous German Markets as well as the smaller Wiesbadener Aussichtsturm
  • Wiesbadener Aussichtsturm - This is the second and shorter of two towers in the city of Gautig. This tower tops out at 175m with its observation deck located at the 140m level.