Generic Top Level Domains

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This is a list of all the internet top level domains (TLDs), vehicle registration codes (A-codes), and international dialing codes (T-codes).

The Internet Standards Commission of the Assembly of Nations has requested that, in principle, nations should try to limit themselves to one TLD per country, unless there is an "especially compelling reason" to obtain a second, such as the .en domain assigned to Eŋrige for international users unable to type ".eŋ" addresses.

Generic Top level domains

  • TLD: The top level domain
  • Entity: Organization responsible for managing or issuing TLDs
  • Location: Country where the issuing entitiy resides
  • Explanation: Explanation of the purpose for the generic TLD
  • Notes: General remarks
Generic Top Level Domains
TLD Entity Location Explanation Notes
.aca Academic domains LPC Alora "Academic" for academic and educational use worldwide
.com Commercial Domains LPC Various "Commercial" for business or commercial use worldwide
.eco ECOmania Domains LPC Gobrassanya "Ecological" for ecological and environmental organization use worldwide
.ent Corporate Registrars LPC Alora "Enterprise" for business or commercial use worldwide
.eu EUOIA EUOIA Flag proposal2.png EUOIA Eastern Uletha for all the EUOIA offices and departments
.fed Government of Alora, Department of Administration Alora "Academic" for federal government use in the countries of Alora and Takora. Allowing other governments to use this TLD is being considered
.med Corporate Registrars LPC Alora "Medical" for medical, hospital and clinic use worldwide
.ogz Stepstone Domains Worldwide LPC Freedemia "Organization" for use by various organizations, nonprofit, commercial, advocacy, etc worldwide
.su Eastern Ulethan Economic Community EUEC "Societas Ulethan" only for business or commercial use of Societas Ulethan