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13, -13.11379, 42.16302
 • RegionLlanura los Gauados
Ethnic Groups
Latinians (84%), Natives (9%), Other (7%)
NationalitiesLatinans (93%), Other (7%)
 • MayorAnnibale Goseleca
 • Vice MayorRasmus Gerdsen
 • Totalxyz km2
 • Urbanxyz km2
 • Ruralabc km2
Elevation200 m (600 ft)
 • Estimate (2014)700 200
 • Census (2011)700 093
 • Densityxyz/km2
eyz/sq mi
Postal Code5701 - 5714
Telephone Code0571-0575
Tram19 lines

Gentofte is a city in the center of Latina. The town is the capital of the province Llanura los Gauados of Latina. Gentofte has 700 093 inhabitants (zensus 2011). In the past Gentofte was the capital of the "Free Republic" from 1803 to 1808.

The Flag shows a white cross on a red field with soft bows of the cross. For friends of traditional jazz Gentofte is well known through the "Gentofte Blues", played by several groups, at first [1] Ken Kolyer.

Flag of the Republic 1803-1808


1539 monks founded the monastery of La Pared in the northeast of Gentofte, to bring christianity to the indigen people there. They had only few success, but the monastery still survive over the years as lonely outpost of the colony of Latina in wild indigen land. This buildings now lay in the barrio # 20 of Gentofte. 1643 war erected a watchtower for latinian troops an the southside of the river-valley.

1669 Ole Benningsen and Fernando de Golezzo founded the town as a stronger outpost for the colony of Latina in the middle of the land of indigen tribes. Most of the first settlers are skandinavisk speaking, so that in the old city the names of the streets are in that language til today. This first settlement now is the "Gamle By", the barrio # 1.

Trees in the middle of an avenue

In the war of freedom and independence from Castellán around Gentofte was the first liberated area. The insurgents declare 1803 here the first short living republic (til 1808). From 1824 Gentofte are part of the republic of Latina and now the capital of the province Llanura los Gauados. Therefore in the 1820ies the new town was founded (now barrio # 2). Around 1840 the old fortifications are changed to a broad boulevard ("Gamle Ring") with public buildings and commercial and retail areas. 1844 was founded the university of Gentofte.

1846 the railway from Latina (Cidudad) to Porto Colon reached Gentofte. In the next decades the town grow more and more. To avoid the traffic-problems of other towns, in Gentofte since the 1840-ies the important radial roads and some tangential roads are designed broad with a strip of green in the middle - later uses for the streetcar-lines. This design was inspired from Ernesto Cruz y Lopez, who was the importants ingenieer in that time in the town. The government means, his "Avenidas" are too expensive, but he was able to set the focus at the foreseen more important traffic in the future. After some years people see, that his look was right. Since the 1940ies at most of this avenues are buildt cycleways.

Old town of Gentofte, Langgade

If in other town the first urban transportation was organisized with horsetrams, otherwise in Gentofte the "Gentofte Gadesjernvägar" let run theyr lines with small steam-locomotives. They are short and black and in common speach they are named "smooting iron". They run at the broad avenues in the middle of the road on own right of way. 1899 to 1901 this lines become electric power with the system "Sprague" with 500 V DC.

1901 some villages around Gentofte become part of the town. This area til today is the boundary of Gentofte.

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Gentofte is divided in 20 suburbs, named "barrios". Postal Code is always 570. or 571. and the number of the suburb ( always 4 numerals 5701 to 5720). Government and greater organisations have postalcodes from 5721 to maximal 5739.

Like in Latina (Cidudad) always for some barrios are local courts in service - so in Gentofte there are local courts for always four suburbs in the center, north, east, south and west.

Number Name ingerish Court to city inhabitants km² density remark
1 Gamle By old town center 1669 xyz 3.20 def Oldest part of city
2 Nye By new town center 1810 7.30 Shopping and Commercial center
3 Syd south center 1830 starting 14.71
4 Universidad University center 1825 starting 8.26
5 Gimle house of nordic gods west 1835 starting 9.52 the "westend"
6 Las Abejes the bees west 1860 8.98
7 Norte north north 1860 13.77
8 Lado de Scippo Scippo side north 1865 11.70
9 Pueblo las Aceitunas Olive village east 1880 26.34
10 Oskano east independent til 1901 54.58
11 San Jorge St. George east 1880 32.16
12 Dibentis east independent til 1901 59.80
13 Ardillas squirrels south 1890 22.10
14 Lado de Forlan Forlan side south independent til 1901 56.37 with shopping-center south
15 Bella Vista Bellevue south 1850 22.75
16 Jardin Grande great garden south independent til 1901 51.40
17 Jitalo west independent til 1901 25.20
18 Monte Genista Genister Hill west independent til 1901 30.14
19 Rio Azul blue river north independent til 1901 110.39
20 La Pared the cliff north independent til 1901 35.42
whole town 700 093 604.08 1 158.9
University of Gentofte


Gentofte is the heart of the land of the great heards of cattles at the ranches of the Llanura los Gauados. So here are some of the first slaughterhouses for this meat. The Latina Oil had one great raffinerie in Gentofte in the southeast of the town. Greater factories are "Maronez y Xerdan" furnitures and kitchen in the 12th barrio and ... (more text) ...


Tramnet of Gentofte - scetch

Gentofte has an national airport. Flights go to Belsante, Du Bois, Cordoba, Van Pelt and Porto Colon. To Latina (Cidudad) you can take the AVE hi-speed railway. From the town the airport can reached with the streetcar-line # 2. In few years is planed to build a metro-line to the airport.

Motorway # 7 from Latina (Cidudad) to Porto Colon touches the town in the south. Gentofte is served from the primary-routes ## 30, 31, 35, 55 and 78.

In Gentofte stopps the railway hi-speed-line # 7 (AVE) from Latina (Cididad) to Scippo and Porto Colon. The Rapido-lines 350, 510, 520 and 770 stops at Gentofte. With this lines the town is an important knotpoint in the railway net of Latina.

proposed metro-net


The traffic in the town is mainly organisized with streetcars. There are 19 streetcar-lines, ## 1 to 18 and 20. Lines ## 10 and 20 are circle-lines. In the northeast of the newest line # 20 is a gap in the circle. This gap will be closed, if there the work at the road "Ronda Dos" is ready. Lines ## 1 to 9 most run in west-eastern direction and lines ## 11 to 15 in north-southern direction, lines ## 16, 17 and 18 diagonal. Line-number 19 is not in use.

Most tracks lay on own right of way. At knotpoints of heavy car traffic the streetcars run through short tunnels. Near the central station at "Gamle Ring" lay four tracks - two for the lines 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 9 and 10 and two for the lines 11 to 15. [see 17, -13.10022, 42.18266). Here at the "Ronda Independencia" and at the central station meets 13 lines of the 19 lines of Gentofte.

To have better service to the heart of the city, 2007 are opened a tramway-tunnel of 1.5 km in the old city, where now run lines ## 4, 5, 6 and 15. The old tracks there in the streets are abadonned and the net of lines had get a new structure. A second tunnel of 1.2 km was opened 2014 unter the central station for the lines ## 11 to 15. This new tunnel is build so, that it can used later as a tunnel for the line "A" of a possible metro-net with the stations at "Ronda Independencia" and "Estacion Central".

There are new "short" cars of 48 m and "long" cars of 72 m for lines with denser traffic. Therefore most streetcar-depots now are 150 m long. Formerly in Gentofte (as in other towns) are shorter cars in use.

On longer sight are proposed two metro-lines, the blue "A"-line and the red "B"-line. But this means not, that the tramway disappear - the metro is for the very dense traffic and for a junction to the airport.

Worth to see

Indigen temple at Dibentis

Citizens Service (What is where?)

Object ingerish Adress Barrio Remarks
Cortes de Provincia provincial parliament 36, Plaza del Opera # 4
Cortes superiores Provincial hight court of the province 10, Ronda los Cortes # 2
Cortes superiores Cidudad high court of the town 20, Ronda los Cortes # 2
Cortes locales centro local court center 80, Avenida Latina # 3
Cortes locales norte local court north 64, Avenida Mar Blanco # 7
Cortes locales este local court east 51, Avenida Porto Colon # 11
Cortes locales sur local court south 10, Ronda Tres # 14
Cortes locales oueste local court west 112, Avenida de Universidad # 6
Ayuntamento del Cidudad Town Hall 1, Gamle Torv # 1 also Ayuntamento for Barrio # 1
Commedia Theater comedique 501, Gamle Ring # 2
Hogar por Animalos Animal shelter 100, Avenida Tasso # 19 near the Hippodrome
Jardin Botanico Botanic Garden
Objetos Perdidos lost and found 90, Avenida Latina # 15 streetcar
Opera 10, Plaza del Opera # 1
Pinacoteka Art Gallery 30, Plaza del Opera # 4
Philharmony Concert hall Ronda Redondo # 3
Teatro del Cidudad main theather 4, Voldgade # 2
Universidad (Centro) main buildung university 15, Avenida del Universidad # 4
Zoo Avenida Mar y Flora # 14


In Gentofte is situated the militaey academy of Latina, Zalanda and Niulutan-Riu, the so called "Camp Omega".

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