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Geradic is a ruined city located at the mouth of the Sunada River. It was considered the most southern and one of the largest of the galician cultured cities in the nortian pretanic zone of the contested Northeast Wall border region between Pretany and Lechia in the mid 18th century.

The city was heavily populated with nearly 16000 people by 1750 and during the Pretanic-Lechian War the city was completely destroyed by a pretanic insurgency after it was occupied by the galician army in 1818. The massacre lead to 3000 deaths and promptly ended the war between the two countries. An agreement was made to draw a permanent border at the current Northeast Wall where it has remained. The city of Northeast Wall although always a one of the nortian Gurmes of Pretany, then known as Urbe Septentrionali, and it's population explosion in the 19th century is considered a direct consequence of the destruction of Geradic when most of the population flooded 10 miles east into the city as refugees.