Giacomo II of Darcodia

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Giacomo II of Darcodia, 2013

Giacomo II of Darcodia (Bengonia, 19 november 1940) is the King of Darcodia. He is also commander in chief of the armed forces. He ascended the throne on 24th may 1989, when his father, Enrico of Darcodia, died. He is married with Chiara Gerenzi.


He is son of King Enrico of Darcodia and Laura Ines and he has a brother, Simone, Count of Sperio, and a sister, Giulia, Countess of Liconia.

He was educated at home under the supervision of his mother.

In 1968 he married Chiara Gerenzi, with whom he had three children: Giulia, Princess of Nicala (heir to the throne), Marco, Prince of Luiana and Paolo, Prince of Pomezio.

Predecessor King of Darcodia Successor
Enrico of Darcodia 24th may 1989 - reigning -