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8, -37.968, 151.732
The Gnaerey Territory
Náa Hinee
"We even Square the Circle"
Constituent state ofFlag of the FSA.svg Federal States
and largest city
South Minneauka
Official languagesIngerish
 • GovernorAwkwright van Spuyten
LegislatureThe Chambers Of Gnaerey
 • Upper houseEldermen House
 • Lower houseThe Lays
 • Total59 464.42 km2
22 959.34 sq mi
 • Estimate (2010)3 006 529
TimezoneWUT +?

The Gnaerey Territory is a state of the Federal States of Archanta. The state is located in the East Central region, bordered by Mennowa in the west, by West Massodeya and East Massodeya in the north, by Michisaukee in the east and by Washaukee in the south.




Road Numbering

Motorways and State Roads have a number with up to three digits and are prefixed with FS- or GY-. The numbers are not duplicated within Gnaerey to avoid confusion. Motorways built to federal standards which are not prefixed FS, are additionally suffixed (FS).

County Roads have a number with up to three digits and are prefixed with GY- and suffixed with the county letter where most of the road runs through.

Transit roads or short extensions of neighbouring state's roads are prefixed GY-, keep they original numerical designation and are suffixed with their original prefix in parentheses.


The motorways in Gnaerey are generally tolled using a closed system. Furthermore several river crossings are tolled. To avoid congestion at toll booths and through shunpiking, South Minneuka has a toll free zone and South Minneuka's suburbs have a flat toll zone, where only inbound on-ramps and out-bound off ramps have toll boths.

List of nationally relevant routes

# Route Overpass
40 Mennowa — South Minneuka — 55555East Massodeya FS-40
43 FS-43
55 West Massodeya555 — South Minneuka — 40 — Washaukee FS-55
555 FS-555
1M GY-1M
1U GY-1U


Counties of Gnaerey
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