Gobras Peninsula

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The Gobras Peninsula shown here in green, with the country of Gobrassanya outlined in black.
The Gobras Peninsula is a large extension of land in southern Uletha, approximately 150,000 km2 in area, encompassing all of mainland Gobrassanya as well as a significant portion of southeastern Alora, including the states of Alaria, Pehalasippi and Tenata. The peninsula runs roughly 700 kilometers northwest to southeast, and varies between 200 and 400 km in width. At its southernmost point it is separated from Khaiwoon by the Strait of Santa Rosa.

A long range of densely forested mountains forms the spine of the peninsula, spanning its entire length. The lowlands are a mix of intensive agriculture and heavily populated urban areas, with the largest agglomeration being Gobras City on the northern coast. Situated between 18 and 23 degrees north latitude, the climate of the peninsula is subtropical and suitable for a wide variety of crops including rice, sugar, citrus and other fruits. The weather tends to alternate between pleasantly mild winter months and hot, humid summers with frequent rainfall and punctuated by severe cyclonic storms from the southeast. The northern side of the peninsula tends to be slightly cooler and drier than the southern side.

The peninsula gets its name from the Gobrasi peoples, the indigenous inhabitants of the peninsula, for whom Gobrassanya is also named.

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