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7, -38.8, 25.2
Fedärāl Tärā dá Goŋfrāgärā
Gonfragerra within Paxtar
Located inPaxtar
Province Capital
and largest city
Official languagesPaxlinga
 Regional languagesTenibri
Ethnic GroupsTenibri
GovernorLucenda Vornas
LegislatureProvincial Assembly
 Total217,089 km2
 High Point2592m
 Low PointSea Level
AbbreviationsGF, GFG
PredecessorGonfragerran Freestate

Fedärāl Tärā dá Goŋfrāgärā, commonly known as Goŋfrāgärā or Gonfragerra, and often referred to as Confracterra by Castilian speakers, is a province located in northwestern Paxtar. It borders the Koropiko Bay and Hesperic Ocean along the west cost and Joriku bay in the south. It shares its entire eastern and southern border with Sabishii. It has a land area of almost 207,319 km², making it the largest province in Paxtar. Gonfragerra had the first representational government in the Paxtaren territories, and was the first to adopt universal suffrage, in 1759.


Gonfragerra enjoys a mild subtropical climate. The coastal areas and northern interior are cooler with slightly higher humidity. The southern interior is dryer and warmer.


Gonfragerra has historically had good trade relations with Costalta, Costamedia and Costabaja, but had frequent disagreements with Sabishii (then the Kingdom of Sabishii), which culminated in the short Gonfragerra-Sabishii War. 200 years later, a friendly rivalry exists between the two largest provinces.


Gonfragerra has an economy based primarily on agriculture, entertainment and tourism.


Three types of wine produced by Vilaloren

Gonfragerra is known for its citrus, produce, and wineries. It has a long growing season, which generally allows two sets of crops to be harvested each season.

Several large wineries operate in Gonfragerra's wine country, including Libaris Vinyards, Cassus Winery and Vilaloren Winery.


Gonfragerra has a large commercial fishing fleet. Sport fishing is also popular with locals and tourists.


Gonfragerra has numerous tourist attractions, places of interest, and resort destinations.


Map of Carmeleum, circa 1520


The northern coastal region of Gonfragerra and the Tenibrār River basin show evidence of human habitation dating back to 2000 BCE.


Gonfragerra became a member of the Paxtaren Federation in 1847, and a province of the Paxtaren Republic in 1915.