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12, 11.7064, 99.4304
"Os kyem fe hakyh"
We came from here
Largest cityGrakteh
Official languagesGoytakano
NationalitiesGoytakano (96%), Cariocas (2%), Suvumese (1,5%), Lallemandians (1%), Others (0,5%)
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
 • MonarchBarum Em Vallarka
 • Prime MinisterAbdym Em Karamba
 • Upper houseTBD
 • Lower houseTBD
 • Estimate (2015)TBD
CurrencyRyalyd (R$)
Drives on theright
Internet TLD.gk

Goytakanya is a small and poor country in an island close to Suvuma east coast, in oceanic East Uletha. A Constitutional Monarchy, is not recognized as independent nation to all countries in the world yet.


Power in Suvuma

(...) Is known, around 1150, Goytakanos dominates a large territory in Suvuma. (...)

Ingerland collaborator

Ingerish flag of Goytakanya.


"Overpopulating Times"

Around (TBD year), when the Goytakano people started being driven out from Suvuma, they went back to the small motherland Goytkanya. Before this, the island was a good place to live, becaming, then, one of the most overpopulated areas of the world, increasing the poverty.

Goytakanya was facing, so, its worse crisis. The Royal family uses the National Treasure to help refugees building new residential areas, but there was not jobs to everyone. Then, so much Goytakanos went to other countries, founding place in countries as Cariocas, Luslandia, Ardisphere and Gobrassanya (mainly in Lonowai district).



Old Times

Name Birth Death Reign Period Notes
Radyan Al Kabateh Bhagurah, 1242 1190-1241 First king in the written goytakano history.
Em Kysma
Em Kysma
Em Kysma
Em Kysma
Em Kysma
Em Kysma
Mermaz Em Kysma
Vukmyr Em Kysma
Eberus Em Kyzma Married with korana (queen) no-name-yet, faced the most political disturbed times in the old monarchy. Died without sons.
Varta Em Vallarka Cousin of the old rekyh (king) Eberus, was the first king from Vallarka family. Married with korana (queen) Ymea, (TBD)
Mermaz Em Vallarka Married with korana (queen) Margrytta

Modern Times Since 70`s, when Goytakanya island reclaimed independence, the monarchy was restored. (TBD)

Name Birth Death Reign Period Notes
Karus Em Vallarka Bhagurah, 1957 --, -- (1970-2000) Married with korana (queen) Kysa, declared independence from Suvuma.
Barum Em Vallarka Bhagurah, 1985 --, -- (2000-today) Married with korana (queen) Tamrys, increased friendship with Cariocas.
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The territory has a tropical climate (TBD)


The most known urban landscape from Goytakanya is its stilt houses, at northwest coast and wetlands. In rural areas, (TBD)

Despite located in a tropical climate region, there are not touristic beaches in all the country.


There are Goytakano immigrants spread in so much countries around the world.

The main Goytakano settlement is Khorys, a over-populated district in Suvuma and the last goytakano reduct in that country, but there is a special mention to Buques, DS, (Ardisphere), a village where 87% of population consists in Goytakano people. There are also Goytakano settlements in Cariocas, Luslandia, Gobrassanya and Khaiwoon.

Foreign Relations

Goytakanya is not considered a independent nation by all OGF countries. Mainly by Suvuma, that till present days claim control over Goytakanya.

To read more about the goytakano foreign relations, please visit Diplomatic relations of Goytakanya‎

The Suvuma question

Historically, goytakano people lived in a large territory in Suvuma, and was driven out from there by other ethnic groups, founding place at motherland Goytakanya and other settlements around the world, remaining only a district in Suvuma with goytakano people (Khorys). Even so, Suvuma does not recognize the independence of Goytakanya and claim the island, a claim which is rejected by the international community, but still creates some political tension.

This way, there are no embassies, trade, flights or ferries between these countries.

As irony, in Suvuma coat of arms, Goytakanya appears in the official suvumese map.


Strategically, the main militar areas in Goytakanya are located in east end of the island.

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Work in progress This list is incomplete. It will be expanded in the future.


Work in progress This list is incomplete. It will be expanded in the future.


There is a weapons plant in Bendera.

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There are not so much cars in Goytakanya, because it is still a expensive well at the country, but the Royal family follow a politic about the country needing roads to develop itself.

There is only one motorway in Goytakanya, linking the capital Bhagurah, in west point, to the military base in east end, but there are also more four secondary highways to another towns, as Grakteh, the bigger one in east end coast.

People usually uses bicycle and even buses as transportation.


There is a public bus company (KGA - Kompanya Goytakano Autonybus / "Goytakano Autobuses Company"), still counting with an old fleet, around 25 years old or more, but recently modernizing, due to a comercial alliance with Cariocas, bringing some 0km models purchased by the Royal Family own. In 2015, the king Barum bought 10 (brand new) conventional and 4 (used) articulated buses to the public service with his own money.

Today, there are 40 vans, 40 conventional buses, 4 articulated buses (exclusively operating no.01 and no.02 routes) and 10 intercity buses in KGA current fleet.


Is the main international transportation to Goytakanya. Officially, there are routes to Itacolomi, Paranabi and Itabi (Cariocas), ant to Port Obodo (Lallemand), but is known irregular routes to Khorys, the last goytakano settlement in Suvuma.


Still today, there are only two daily flights to Bhagurah, coming from Itacolomi, in Cariocas. Three times per week, there are flights to Avewood (Lallemand) and Campo Verde (Brasonia), operated by Brisa, and to (Khaiwoon), by Gobrassian.

Crime Rates

Despite the most of the Goytakanos practice a peaceful religion, the nation faces a strong problem with corruption and Mafia.


Mafia is a old problem of the nation seen as a characteristic of Goytakanos by other ethnic groups.

They follow a rigid honour code. Each goytakano town is controled by a famala (family). One famala can not operate out of its own town, with rare exceptions.

A milestone was when Goytakano was driven out from Suvuma, when the Kaledon famala, from Khorys, loses its "territory" in Suvuma, and was helped by the other famalas, following the rule about not operate in another famala town, only if called.

Their main operations are weapons smuggling and forced security. Mafia also operates the irregular transport of refugees from Suvuma to Goytakanya and from Goytakanya to Cariocas.

Today, all the famala`s chiefs are in jail, but they still give orders to subordinates, due to a known corruption in prison system.

Even been criminals, the Mafia got sympathy by the people because they helped Goytakano people when other suvumese ethnic groups driven out Goytakanos from Suvuma. This act was only due to a nationalist sentiment. There was not any link between Mafia and Royal Family.

The most notable Mafia chief is Brasdman Eb Baldyvys, from Bhagurah. In jail since 1998, escaped exactly one time per year since then, coming back to prison few days later, and using these "free times" to organize famala`s business. Because this, is rare a prison director remains more than one year on duty.

To read more about, please visit Goytakano Mafia

Criminal Laws

Goytakanya is known due its controverse criminal laws. Till 1989, drug dealers were punished with capital punishment, despite killers were punished only with 20 years in jail.

In present days, there is not more capital punishment, but the only one prison in Goytakanya, close to Kamadyan town, is not necessarily considered a model of recuperation center.

Corruption is the second main problem in Goytakanya. Is easy to prisioners got perks as cable TV, cel phones and even internet.



Despite a mazanic inspired alphabet, the spoken Goytakano language does not have parity with anyone language in the world.

Till 1202, there was not a writting system to Goytakano language. All texts are passed generation to generation only by oral spoken tradition. That year, a group of mazanic merchants got sympathy by chief Radyan Al Kabateh (reign 1190 to 1241), and a mazanic inspired alphabet was created.

The Goytakano alphabet is written left-to-right, and consist in only 18 letters (5 vocals). Today, is usual a roman transliteration of Goytacano language, but the local alphabet is yet the official of the territory and the most used by people.


Goytakano is a very religious people. They follow a monoteist religion, praying to Unnamed God, the god rewarding all acts of the follower.

Is used the Goytakano people stoping whatever is doing, only to pray all every weekend noon, even if in the streets or working.


The most notorious goytakano writter was a woman. Klaravallys Ek Byasen wrote "Dar Stragla der Mareta" ("The sea star"), about the political tension in Goytakano (called "Sea Star", against the "darkness" in Suvuma). She died in 2014, with 36 years old, because pneumonia. Another famous writter in Goytakanya is Gapesk Em Vallarka, from Royal Family, who wrote biographies of people from Royal Family and even Mafia chiefs.


People usually likes folk music, and there are some popular singers as Jahmyr Eb Bulokhat, Krenar Ek Sobykam and the muse Rosengard Eb Storamar, but the most famous band from Goytakanya in the world is, ironically, a religious unblack metal band, Antyh-Trevyna ("Anti-Darkness"). Founded by a priest's son, some people says their instruments was smuggled and brought by Mafia integrants, but their international success is a fact, playing in festivals in Cariocas, Khaiwoon and even Belgravia.

The controverse rapper Hit Dangerous can be mentioned too, despite was born in Karolia and rarely goes to his parents motherland.


There is only one national broadcasting company in Goytakanya, under control of the Royal Family. The people still can watch for free some news and sport TV channels from Cariocas, Lallemand and even Suvuma. The (few) ones who can pay cable TV, can watch also some gobrassi channels.

Also there is only one state-owned radio broadcasting, and one newspaper in all the country, Goytakanya Neas.



The Real Phederasyon Goytakano Phutbol (Real Goytakano Football Federation) got affiliation to OGFIFA only in 2000, but the sport is practiced so much time before, being the favorite of the people. There are 12 football clubs in the island, and a national championship is played since 1985.

To read more about the national championship and team, please visit Football in Goytakanya.


Rugby is the second favorite sport of the people in Goytakanya. Was introduced by Ingerish families around 1920, but it was only in 1950`s the period of consolidation occured. Despite the semi professinal practive in the country, currently Goytakanya is a first tier rugby union team.

To read more about the sport history in the country, please visit Rugby in Goytakanya.

Gridiron Football

Bhagurah gridiron team kit.

Goytakanos likes gridiron football very much. There is a single professional team in the country, Bhagurah Nasyonal (de facto, the national team), supported by a partnership with cariocas teams.

Other Sports

Historically, the royal family owns a horse farm and organizes semestral horse racings.

People also shown interest in basketball and handball, but there are no professional teams in all the country.

Is not considered a sport, but, despite the few number of cars in the country, demolition derbies are attracting increasing attention of people, specially in rural areas, and played with too much old cars. Rodeos also has appeared on the preference of the people.