Great Helion Desert

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Sands of the Great Helion Desert

The Great Helion Desert (Mazanic مؤذ الصحراء) is the world's largest desert connected to, but technically distinct from the smaller Serion Desert to the east. Located in northwestern Tarephia The region spans roughly 2 500 000 km² and is generally considered to be one of the world's harshest and driest regions and despite the enormous land area is home to less than one million inhabitants.


The origin of the Ingerish name of the Great Helion desert is contested, the leading theory is that the Mazanic name of the desert is مؤذ الصحراء which roughly translates to 'The mischievous desert' at some point evolved from 'mischievous' to 'Rapscallion' and further to 'Hellion' as an older Ingerish word for a young treacherous individual. This name may then have stuck as the 'Great Helion Desert'

The Mazanic name (مؤذ الصحراء) or the 'Mischievous Desert' refers to the often time treacherous and harmful nature of the scorching sands


The majority of the desert is covered in unending dunes of sand with barren rocky mountains dotted across the landscape. Large basins of sand and dunes reaching altitudes of -200 meters below sealevel.


Short mentions of important events in the Great Helion desert by era


The Great Helion Desert is believed to have been significantly more humid in the distant past and may have once resembled a steppe, supporting early hunter-gathering populations as early as 200 000 years ago.

2000BCE - 500BCE

Served as the eastern border of the Athya Empire bronze age empire. Was inhabited by early ancestors of the Badauan nomadic cultures.

500BCE - 1000CE

Served as a spreading medium for the imani faith through Badauan caravans

1000CE - 1500CE

Demirhan, Franquese and Castellanese colonies

1500CE - 2000CE

Demirhan, Franquese, Castellanese and Ingerish colonies

Modern history

List of countries in the great helion desert

Country Area in the great Helion Population in the great Helion Native name of the desert
Template:TA019 470000 km²
Castine flag.png Castine 50000 km²

List of cities in the great Helion desert above 10000 inhabitants

City Inhabitants Country Location Remarks


Name Country(s) Type Year of completion Remark