Great Mercian Corporation

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Great Mercian Corporation (GMC) was the name of an Ingerish conglomerate which was one of the major players in industrialising Myrcia in the late-18th and 19th centuries. The GMC acted as an umbrella corporation for a number of Ingerish industrial concerns who were involved in manufacturing, infrastructure and the exploitation of natural resources. The GMC built the first of Myrcia's railways and canals.


Following the Rihtwísness a wave of anti-Ingerish sentiment led to GMC offices being attacked in Nordport and Dunwic. The company began to close down its Myrcian factories in the months following the revolution but this was halted in 1913 when the Rihtwísness government broke-up and nationalised GMC. The railway arm of the corporation became Railweg Myrcia whilst the energy arm became Enyrge Myrcia Corporation (now known as Enyrge M). The GMC governors were deported from Myrcia and forced to return to Ingerland in June 1913 after summary trials which found them guilty of embezzlement and mis-management of national resources.